About Us

Who Are We?

We are a group of passionate people, having unique combination of interest and craze related to sports and website development. Our team consists of professional developers and expert sports writer. Unlike most other sports websites, our article writers have journalism degree and are experienced professional sports writer.

What we do?

Our team members live for their passion and work for it. We spend half our time in following various sports around the globe and remaining in analyzing and writing about different interesting sports topics. We cover association football, cricket, ice hockey, wrestling and few other sports at present. We are determined to spread our coverage to at least 10 other sports in the next three months.

Why we do it?

There is nothing better than following your passion. We believe on this philosophy and want to act as bridge between various world sports and sports fans.

What do we aim?

We aim to become one of the leading sports website in the world. It’s just the start but we believe to achieve this target by sheer dedication and passion.

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