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4 – Best Gaming Mice For MMO Games

In today’s market there are hundreds of gaming mice, but not all serve the same purpose for the same purpose; When we talk about games, and more specifically about MMO games, mice are usually quite specific, essentially due to the inclusion of a button on the left side to configure a series of additional actions that give us an advantage in the game. In this article we are going to show you what, in our opinion, are the four best MMO mice available on thegadgetspro.

Before we start, we will go into assessing various aspects to consider when preparing this list, with features that have made us opt for these specific models and not others such as the best gaming mice for MMO games.

List of best gaming mice for MMO Games

Given the characteristics that matter to us, it is time to move on to the list of those that we believe are the best gaming mice for MMO games of the moment.

1.    Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB

This mouse not only provides us with a side keypad with 12 mechanical buttons, but it is also mobile, so that we can adapt it to the size of the thumb to our liking. In addition, it incorporates a sensor that is the best in the market (it is a PixArt PWM3367 of up to 16,000 DPI sensitivity), with a proven durability and a renowned brand. As an addition, this mouse has one of the best configuration software on the market, Corsair iCUE.

2.    Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 also incorporates a keypad with 12 buttons, although in total it incorporates 20 configurable buttons and, according to the manufacturer, optimized for MMO games. It has an ergonomic design with support for the little finger, so it is for users who hold the mouse with palm type, and its laser sensor offers great precision, with up to 8,200 DPI of maximum sensitivity.

3.    Razer Naga Trinity

The Naga Trinity is possibly the most versatile of this list of the best gaming mice for MMO games, since in addition to having a side with a keypad that incorporates 12 additional buttons, it has two other sides: one with seven buttons, more suitable for games type MOBA or if you do not have too many actions in the MMO, and another more normal, with only two side buttons.

This mouse has a proven Razer 5G optical sensor with proven reliability, with up to 16,000 DPI maximum sensitivity and In addition, I personally find one of the most comfortable MMO mice on the market.

4.    SteelSeries Rival 500

We finished the list of the best gaming mice for MMO with one of the jewels of SteelSeries, a manufacturer that could not be missing because it is reputed to have the best after sales service of all. The Rival 500 is the only one that has no side keypad as such, but incorporates up to 15 programmable buttons, 5 on the left side and the rest distributed, which not only will not make us miss buttons on which to assign actions, but also being more separated, will make it more complicated to get confused.

This device has a PWM3360 optical sensor of up to 16,000 DPI sensitivity, buttons qualified for 30 million keystrokes, and has the addition that you can configure touch alerts on the left side.

Features to select the best Gaming Mice

Additional buttons

It is obvious that when we want to play an MMO-type game we want our gaming mouse to have additional buttons, in which we can configure certain actions and macros that give us the advantage to be able to execute actions more quickly. In the case of mice for MMO games, they generally incorporate a side keypad with up to 16 additional buttons, although it is true that such a number of buttons in the same area can be, in the end, counterproductive because it will induce the mistake when pressing.

Comfort, fundamental in gaming mice

If we plan to use our gaming mouse to play MMO-type games, it is usual that we do it in long gaming sessions, so it is essential that we choose a mouse that, ergonomically, is comfortable for us. Here does not come a factor that is the preference of each user, since not everyone has the same hand size, nor does everyone hold the mouse in the same way (remember that there is palm-type grip, claw, fingertip …).

Durability is another crucial factor in gaming mice

When we are going to spend so many hours giving cane to our gaming mouse, it is also important to make sure that the one we choose is of good quality, so that it lasts as long as possible. This is a somewhat arbitrary value, or at least difficult to verify unless we have a friend who recommends us a mouse, that we read a review or a comparison, or that we trust that, at the very least, it is of a renowned brand that At least give us a good guarantee.

Precision cannot be lacking in gaming mice

Finally, it is clear that we have to look for the mouse to have a good precision and a good performance, since we will want all our actions to be registered correctly and as quickly as possible, which is why we also discard the wireless mice .

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