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Choosing a Child’s Electric Car Have Fun Time To Play

Toys allow children to play and have fun. But they also allow them to start loving something. If you are a car lover, you can decide to pass on your passion to your children by offering them an electric car. It is a very trendy toy that allows your children to take maximum pleasure. But, it is still necessary to know how to make a consequent choice. Discover here everything you need to know to choose an electric car for your child.

The price of a child electric car

For any purchase you have decided to make, it is important to provide a certain budget to circumscribe your research from the outset. You will have to do the same for an electric child car purchase because it is an item that can be rather expensive for you. Do not ruin yourself for that.

Specifically, there are, as for adult cars, several ranges of electric cars for children, and therefore prices. The biggest car brands like Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, BMW, etc. offer their flagship models in child version. But, besides these big brands, some toy manufacturers also provide parents with various models of electric children’s cars. This gives you an idea of ​​the ranges of quality and standing that you can have. Assuredly, prices are just as proportional. You can have electric cars for children from 80 euros to 1500 euros. On average, to have very good cars, you can pay between 300 and 500 euros. With these different price ranges, you can now plan an adequate budget and, thanks to him, greatly limit your research.


Once you have been able to reduce your search based on price, we believe that the safety device deployed on the car is the first criterion to be verified. The safety of your children in car use should be guaranteed to the maximum. And to do this, you need to check two crucial elements:  speed  and  tires .

To buy an electric car for your child, it goes without saying that you take into account the environment in which he will use it. This environment will determine the level of security that the car will have. This security will be relative to the maximum speed that can reach the car. The speeds of these cars certainly do not exceed 8 km / h, but it can be a little too much for your environment. So be careful.

The tires of the car are also very important to ensure good safety in driving. Depending on the type of terrain you have at home, you will have to choose the size of the car tires. It is ideal, for a flat terrain without obstacle, to choose cars with small tires. They will be able to roll easily. On the other hand, if you have a terrain with a lot of terrain, obstacles, or gravel, you will have to opt for cars with big tires. Otherwise, the car will have trouble rolling easily. She would be a little too prone to accidents.

The age of your children

One of the first criteria for choosing an electric car for children is certainly  the age of the future driver . These cars are, in fact, classified according to different age groups. kids you have great news that you can spent your extra time you learn and play totaljearkface. These bands are also decisive in price categorization, but also in the safety and comfort offered by the car.

You can not afford to buy a 6-year-old electric car for a 4-year-old. Electric cars are recommended from 3 years to 6 years or more, you will have to make a choice depending on the age of your child. An electric car for a child of 6 years will surely be more difficult to handle for a child of 3 years, not yet awake enough. The power deployed will be rather large for his age. And in the same way, a car for a 3-year-old can not possibly support the weight of a 6-year-old. The comfort ability will not be the same. And for the ardor of his age, he might find insufficient power deployed. All this will diminish the pleasure of the child.

Apart from these reasons, the choice of the car according to the age of the child is determining in the security elements that implements the cars. For babies, because there are also cars for children from 0 to 2 years old, the safety that is put there is necessarily different from those put on for older children’s cars. Age is therefore a fairly important criterion.

electric ride-on car


It would be of little use to buy an electric car that will deteriorate in 6 months or more in one year. You would have made a pretty bad investment, especially if you have not finished making kids. An electric car for children, as mentioned above, can be expensive to buy. To ensure the quality of your investment, it is important to check the  strength of the car .

More concretely, it will be a question of informing you about the materials of which the constituents of the car are made. From tires to the smallest components of the interior through the bodywork, windows, no element should be neglected. Do not hesitate to consult the tests and opinions on the Internet, the possible returns of the customers on the sites of the manufacturers and many other sources of information on the products which interest you. Thus, you can easily invest for your child, and for those you will have later.

The power of the electric car child

The choice of the car according to the power is quite vital. It will be here to define the power of the car according to the fact that your child is a beginner in driving and speed, depending on the driving field, but also according to the desired autonomy for the car. 2 main power ranges available for your choice:  6V  electric child motor cars and 12V electric ride on car kids.

The first power range is suitable for an introduction to driving. Ideal for children from 1 to 3 years, this range allows to have cars traveling up to 3 km / h. It is a very good speed to teach your child to drive. It is also an ideal range for terrain with no uneven, because on such a terrain, it is quite complicated for these cars.

The second power range, that of the 12 V engines, offers a maximum speed of 8 km / h. For a child who is at least 4 years old, this is an ideal range. Suitable for terrain with gradients, cars in this range are quite requested, given the performance offered, by older children. If already at 3 years old your child has been introduced to driving by other toys, you can also adopt this range of power.

The choice of the power for reasons of autonomy comes to define a 3 rd  power range rather rare, that of motor of  24V . This power of 24 V is divided into 2 motors of 12V each, which allow the car to have a better autonomy by taking turns. It should be noted that the maximum speed does not exceed 8 km / h. Only autonomy is improved.

The autonomy of the battery

The battery life is directly related to the power of the car. Moreover, it is indeed the voltage of the battery that defines the power of the engine. We therefore have batteries of  6 V  and  12 V  which allow different autonomies.

Generally, these batteries have a charging time of about 8 to 10 hours  . And the maximum usage time varies between  30 minutes and 2 hours . This autonomy is largely dependent on the terrain on which the car will be driven. A terrain composed of gravel, grass and other reliefs will significantly reduce the battery life. You can opt for a 12V battery. If your child is the type to use a lot such as horn, turn signals, radio, etc., you can opt for an electric car with two 12V batteries.

The number of places

It should not be that the pleasure you want to offer by buying an electric car for children turns into frustrations for your children. If you have several of the same age at home, you should know how to choose the car according to their number. This will determine the number of seats you choose for the car.

You have the choice between a single or double seat electric car  . These are at least the most common models. The two-seater is ideal for twins or children of almost the same age. Some models go up to  4 places . These rather rare models are recommended for large families and for children who receive many friends at home.


Just like adults with their cars, children have a great need for comfort in their behaviors. It is therefore here, for the parent that you are, to ensure the size of the car to take according to that of your child. This is the first thing to do to ensure optimal comfort. In addition, you will have to watch over the cockpit and the space it offers in the arrangement of each element: gear lever, accelerator, steering wheel, starter, etc. To do this, several types of models are available to you according to the brands:

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