List of Top Online Adventure Games

Online Adventure Games

According to a research the most played free games on the internet are the adventure games. Mostly adventure online games are played by the people who love adventures outside of the PC world. Once people used to play adventure games on game consoles which offered poor graphics quality. Now you can play adventure games online for free and with picture and graphics quality like never before. We will discuss with you some adventure games which are very popular on the internet and offer very good graphics quality and game play.

Mario Gravity Adventure

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Every one of us is well known to Mario and his epic adventures. From the childhood everyone has played games of Mario. In Mario Gravity Adventure you have to go through the same adventure playing as Mario in the game. Mario loves to collect diamonds and you have to help him in this mission while coming across dangerous creatures and obstacles. Game has 40 number of levels in which you have to work against the gravity to reach your objectives. You have to collect the yellow diamonds in each level before moving on to next one. Use space bar and arrow keys to move the character in the game.

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Earn to Die 2012

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In Earn to Die 2012 you have to go through an area of deadly zombies in your bus. You have to crash any zombie that comes in your way or you will be killed. Along with the bus you can unlock different vehicles to help you crush more zombies in the game. So do you have the guts to survive in the world of zombies and get out of it safely? Let see what you have got

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Hidden Ville

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If you love to find the secrets buried in the dark rooms of ancient villas then Hidden Ville will crave your desires. It is one of the best adventures games you will ever find on the internet. In this game you play part on behalf on an adventure team who finds an island full of hidden items to discover. You have to search for the items that are gone missing in this epic adventure game which features very dynamic game engine and graphics.

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Sam Adventure

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Sam Adventure is one of the great adventure online games you will play. Game has total of 15 levels with different difficulties. You play as Sam in which collect points to proceed to the next level. You collect gold to earn points by coming across different type of enemies. you will surely have fun playing this beautiful game.

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Ben Ten Partner Adventure 2

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Ben Ten and his Partner are back in the Ben Ten Partner Adventure 2 to bring peace to the world full of enemies and monsters. You play as Ben 10 in this adventure game. Ben 10 has special abilities to tackle different type of enemies in the game. You have to work with the Ben Ten and his partner to move to the next level in the game.

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So these are some of the best adventure online games you will surely love to play and enjoy.

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