Online Games: What are the Advantages for Children?

We all see our children go around in circles. To remedy this, we decided to focus on online games and the benefits that can be gained for children.

We tested several sites randomly from our research. Having been pleasantly surprised by the choice of games available for children and by the fact that some of them do not require registration, we thought that the subject deserved to be looked into. Here is a list of some mini games that will please your children and at the same time give you a little respite. So before we start, here are some benefits of games we do not think often enough:

  • Develop a social character when interacting with other players
  • Refine psychomotor reflexes
  • Improve eye-brain-hand coordination
  • Reinforce the spatio-temporal conceptualization ( Minecraft is a very good example)
  • Develop the ability to solve problems
  • Developing deduction abilities by confronting him with decisions that have an effect in the game

Stimulate teamwork and strategic spirit

Finally, games also promote the learning of a language. Many video games are only accessible in English, so the child can become familiar with precise vocabulary from a very young age, as well as with the logic of a language.

What types of games are suitable for children?

– Puzzle games

Games of reflection are distinguished from other games by the fact that it is mostly time to solve puzzles through logical reasoning. Puzzle, reflection, simulation, Mah Jong or math games are perfect examples of games that stimulate logical reasoning and patience to overcome them. A good example of a fun and popular game is also: Bubble Shooter . In a more educational logic, it is also possible to find many games dealing with geography, mathematics and science.

– Agility games

This category of games is quite large but mainly presents games that stage puzzles or challenges that require reflexes and a good logic (for example to determine what is the best time to click on an object). The games are generally short but can be addictive and fun, which is ideal for a small half hour of play at the end of the day.

Online Games: What are the Advantages for Children?

The good news is that these kinds of games often pick up the world of other popular movies or cartoons, which makes them instinctively more appealing. Our special mention goes for laundry games (and yes it exists)! See for yourself:

Initiate her children to housework, a dream too good to be true?

– Movie Games

In the same vein as agility games, movie games are ideal for plunging your child into the world of his favourite cartoons. Available at all levels: dressing, reflection, puzzle, adventure or action (A when a maths game Frozen!?) This type of games will allow you to occupy your child for a while while staying on (e) this will be done in a suitable theme.

In conclusion, the online gaming Not Doppler sites vary and few are those that do not require registration to play, however the choice of games present is large and suitable for all ages. It’s up to you to find the right games for your child. .

We still recommend these few rules that must be respected so that these activities do not become too time consuming or distracting for your child:

– Set a time limit of play per week, it is important for your children that they practice other activities and they are not too often staring at their screens.

– Check what games your child is playing by going to take a look from time to time at what he or she is doing. This same advice should be adopted for any online activity of your child. Our tip: install a parental control and block unwanted sites on your computer or tablet.

– Advise your children what is acceptable to say in a multiplayer game to avoid disclosing personal information on an online gaming site!

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