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Air Hockey Games

Air hockey is the game in which two players try to goal on the opposing side. For air hockey you must have a table, puck and pair of mallets. Air hockey was first played in 1969 by engineers who were experimenting to make a frictionless game surface. Soon in the mid 70’s Air hockey was widely played across the world especially in New York, LA and Maryland. Nearly every boy has played air hockey once in their life time.

One of the most irritating things is to move on to Arcade halls to play the game. But now you don’t have sweat anymore as you can also play Air hockey games on the internet as well. You don’t need to cover your rooms with tables anymore. All you need is a computer with mouse and an internet connection to defeat your opponents.

Air hockey 2

air 1

Air hockey 2 is one of the most interesting games on the internet. All you need is just to put the puck in to the opponent’s goal to get points. Game has a very good mechanics and levels up as move further in the game. By the time you advance in the game you get extra bonus and difficult opponents to compete. So if you are thinking you are good in hickey then defeat the ten opponents in this game to become the ultimate air hockey champion. You can play all the game with just the help of your mouse.

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Garfield Air Hockey

air 2


Garfield Air hockey is the game you will not want to skip anyway. You have to use your mouse to move the puck back and forth in the game screen. Garfield Air hockey has only one opponent you compete with and that is the doggy named “Odie”. Surely you don’t want Garfield the cat to lose against a dog. So if you have got some serious skills then give it a try. We bet you will sweat playing Garfield Air hockey.


Zoo Hockey

air 4

It is the time for the animals at zoo to play Air Hockey. Yes you will compete against different animals in this game. Each level is difficult than to previous one to give tough time to the player. Physics of the game is very good and the puck reacts very much how you hit it. Zoo hockey is the game which will not make your child bored once he/she plays it.


Disc Battle

air 3

Disc Battle is the game which is meant to be played by people of any age. You have to grab the paddle with the help of mouse and hit the puck to score against the opponent. Disc battle is the game which gives you a very hard time and needs your skills to score in the game.


Air Toggy Ball

air 5

If you want an Air hockey game in which you want to test the champion inside you then play Air Toggy Ball. In this game you have to score against the insanely fast computer opponent. If you think you are smarter and faster than the computer then have a match yourself.


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