Pakistan at Asian Games 2014

Asian games 2014 were held in Incheon, South Korea in which Pakistan also participated. Pakistan sent 182 players to compete in total of 23 sports. The flag bearer at the opening ceremony for Pakistan was Muhammad Imran. Pakistan defended his title in both women’s cricket and hockey but only named the gold medal in women’s cricket. On the other hand Pakistan men’s hockey team won the silver medal.




Pakistan has won a total of 60 medals from the Asian games. This time hopes were on the Pakistani player named Muhammad Waseem who was competing in the 52 kg event. And same thing happened this time, Waseem managed to bring home Bronze medal for Pakistan.



Pakistan’s hockey team has shown some efforts to win silver medal for Pakistan. Tousiq was a well established player from Pakistan side. Tousiq also got Asian player of the year award. Somehow there were some lack of team play in hockey team this time but winning a silver medal means the most for the country.



Nasir Iqbal was representing Pakistan in the squash this time at the Asian games 2014. Nasir was one of the best players in Pakistan. This time all hopes were upon Nasir but somehow he did not managed to advance in the finals after getting defeated from Indian player Saurav Ghosal.



Sana Mir the captain of Pakistani cricket team managed to won the gold medal for Pakistan after defeating Bangladesh in the finals. Overall performance of the Pakistani women Cricket team in the Asian games was outstanding and winning a gold medal for Pakistan was an unforgettable moment for the whole nation. Most of the credit belonged to Sana Mir for her outstanding captaincy and skills.



This time at Asian Games Pakistani national kabaddi team won the bronze medal for Pakistan after placing at the second position. Pakistan was defeated by Iran in the semi finals. Pakistan scored a total of 4 points in the games. Pakistan also lost one match against India.



Syed Murtab Ali Shah won the bronze medal for Pakistan in the Men’s Sanda 70kg event.


Therefore total of 5 medals were won by the Pakistani squad in the Asian games 2014 held in Japan. One gold medal, one silver medal and three bronze medals were won in different games. Besides these games listed above Pakistani players also played at their best in the Karate, Badminton, Cycling, Football, Judo, gymnastics, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis and weightlifting but they could not manage to proceed further in the quarter or semi finals of the respected games.

Depending upon this we may say that the sports which are popular in Pakistan have taken home medals while on the other hand some improvements must be carried out in the fields such as karate, swimming, Football etc. Winning the gold and silver medal in cricket and hockey was the biggest achievement for Pakistan. Games such as Squash were the one in which Pakistan always won some kind of medal but this time Pakistan could not make it. So little bit improvements in these field must be carried out by the government of Pakistan.


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