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Top Ten Football Clubs in the World

Top Football Clubs in the world It is very hard to select when it comes to best and top football clubs in the world. From time to time football clubs compete with one another to get at the top of the list. In the current year 2014, many football clubs emerged on the top rankings. So we will discuss here ...

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Top Ten Bowlers in Cricket History

Top Ten Bowlers in Cricket Cricket is a game which is loved by everyone. It is the national game of England but is being dominated by teams like Australia, Pakistan, India and Srilanka. Batting is considered as the favorite part in Cricket, but the bowling on the other side has its own charm as well. Cricket has a history to produce ...

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Pakistan at Asian Games 2014

Asian games 2014 were held in Incheon, South Korea in which Pakistan also participated. Pakistan sent 182 players to compete in total of 23 sports. The flag bearer at the opening ceremony for Pakistan was Muhammad Imran. Pakistan defended his title in both women’s cricket and hockey but only named the gold medal in women’s cricket. On the other hand ...

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Top Ten Popular Sports in the World

Popular Sports in the World Sport activities can be traced back to ancient times, we can say that back to 2500 BC. In that age gymnasium was the most popular sport of its time. Sports at that time were simple and were played for entertainment and to improve skills. In the modern world of today there are many sports that ...

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Best Five Football Players in the World Ever

Best Five Football Players Football is one of those games that had produced one of the best players in the history. Time to time many players emerged and became famous but the after sometime they disappeared from the screen. However, there were some players who are still known to be the best of the players in the world for their ...

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