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Top ten Baseball Teams Of All Time


Being the national game of United States, Baseball is mostly played in United States. While the rest of world has also its interest in the game, especially many European teams are taking part in the baseball sports events and competition.

Here is the list of top ten teams of baseball that are ranked according to their performances.

Top Ten Baseball Teams Of All Time:

1- New York Yankees:

New York Yankees also called Highlanders, is the professional team of America, which is based in New York. The team was established in 1903, and was named New York Highlanders. It was officially declared as Yankees in 1913. Now it is owned by George Steinbrenner’s family, who bought this franchise in 1973.yankees

Yankees are regarded as one of the most prominent and successful team of baseball all over the world. It is because of its performances in big events, competing other teams, and won a lot of titles. It’s success is also attributed to their net valuable worth.

Yankees have won 18 time division titles and 27 time World Series Championship, which is the most winning by any team. It also own the record to won AL pennants 40 time. All these are unbroken records in Major Baseball league.

New York Yankees have the worth of 2.3 Billion dollars, standing first in United states and 4th in the world.

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2- Boston Red Sox:


Red Sox is another successful team of America, sometime named as Boston Americans and red stockings. Boston Red Sox was founded in 1901, and now has it’s affiliation with American League. It got fame soon after the formation of team by winning 4 championships at the very beginning. This include the defeat of Pittsburgh Pirates in World Series, which spreaded the name and fame of Red Sox even more rapidly.

Boston is the second ranked team of baseball lagging behind new York Yankees. It has qualified 12 time for World Series and won eight out of them.

The achievements of Red Sox includes eight World Series title, 13 Al Pennants, 7 east division title and 7 wild cards berth.  In 2013 the team got three recent titles that are, one World Series, One Al Pennants and One division Title.

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3- Chicago White Sox:


There are two teams based in Chicago, but the best of them is white sox, which also maintained its position in top ten teams of baseball. It was establish in 19 century and still going well in all of its major competition like World Series and division titles.

Now the team is being owned by Jerry Reinsdorf and managed by Robin Ventura & Rick Hahn.

Chicago White Sox have won 3 World Series titles, 6 Al pennants title and 3 Central Division Titles. Besides it also have won two West Division titles. One of 1983 and second of 1993. Although performing well in all the events, still didn’t earned any title since last 7 years. Their recent success comprises the winning of 2008 central division title. While the last title of World Series won by the Chicago white sox was of 2005.

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4- Baltimore Orioles:


Baltimore Orioles is another team of America, which has its worldwide recognition. The team was formed in 1901, and got its affiliation with American League right from the beginning. Now it is affiliated with the East division of American league. Peter Angelos is the owner of Baltimore Orioles. While the general manager is Dan Duquette.

Orioles are the most successful within the east division of American league, winning the total of 9 titles. Besides, Orioles also played well in other big events like World Series and Al Pennants. They have won 3 World Series championship, 7 Al Pennants and 2 wild card berths.  Their recent victory is the East division title of 2014 and wild cards berth title of 2012.

Due to successive accomplishment, the team is ranked 4th , leading ahead many other best baseball teams.

5- San Francisco Giants:


Also called as New York Gothams, the San Francisco Giant is the American baseball team based in California. It got its affiliation with western division of American League in 1969.

Giants are the tough competitor in Western Division. San Francisco is the current winner of World Series championship that is of 2014. Besides, it has won most number of matches ever by the team of America.

Giants have 23 NL Pennants Titles. While other achievements include 5 time World Series championship, 8 time West Division Title and two wild cards berth.

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6- Los Angeles Dodgers:


Los Angeles Dodgers is another team to be based in California. Originally it was named as Brooklyn Dodgers, but soon transform to Los Angeles Dodger because of its associated place.

Not going well now in few past years, still managed to have its position ahead of the most, earning title of 2014 western Division of American League. While the team own 6 World Series championship, including last victory of 1988.

While other achievements gained by the dodgers are 21 NL Pennants, one AA Pennants and two wild card berths. Besides, dodgers are the 13 time champion of West Division of American League.

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7- Detroit Tigers:


Detroit Tigers is listed among the eight charter franchises of America. It has unchanged name since its establishment in 1894. Detroit Tiger are also named as Bengals and The Tigs. The team is owned by Mike Ilitch.

Last World series Championship was won by the Tigers about  31 years back in 1984. While it has a total four prizes of World Series championship.

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8- St. Louis Cardinals:


St. Louis Cardinals is the eighth best team of baseball. Baseball Heaven is another term coined by many reports and analyst for this team.

Currently the Cardinals are going well from the past few decades. It is the current title holder of central division, played in 2014. In 2011 it was the champion of World Series Championship. While, it has won 2012 wild card berth.

Overall it has own 11 World Series Championships and 19 NL Pennants.

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9- Oakland Athletics:


Oakland Athletics is the 9th among the best baseball teams of all time. They have manage their position, due to their outstanding performances, which further need some accomplishment to get themselves at the top, or at least among top five.

Oakland are the winner of 2013 West Division title. While it own 19 titles of West Division.

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10- Washington Nationals:


Washington nationals listed 10th among top teams of baseball. WN is based in Washington D.C, which was founded on 1969.

The team has not earned so much achievements as compare to other that are listed here in top nine. Still Washington Nationals are performing well as compare to many other baseball teams. Their major achievement is the winning of 3 time East division title. While they have not yet achieve any World Series Championship Title.

Final Words and Source Of Baseball Team’s Achievements:

Above ranked teams of baseball are ranked according to their relative achievements and success in big events like world series championship, division title and other such events or leagues. While the information and data of their victories in these events is authentic as per Wikipedia.

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