Online Basketball Games For Basketball Lovers

Online Basketball Games

Basketball is very famous in most parts of the world especially in Canada and USA. Basketball is also popular team sport in USA and all over the world. According to a research more 300 million people around the world love to play basketball. Just like in the court, basketball is popular on the internet as well. Millions of the people over the internet love to play online basketball games. Internet is loaded with thousands of basketball games. We will discuss with you some popular online basketball games which are free to play.

Sport Heads Basketball


Sport heads basketball is one of the most famous basketball games over the internet. Sports heads is a game similar to football. You can also play this game with your friends online. After that you have to choose the time and your characters and you are good to go.

Basketball Challenge


Basketball Challenge is one of the most popular online games on the internet these days. Game has two modes with each mode having different leaderboard. In one of the modes you have to score as much points as you can against the 3 different types of opponents. Second type of mode is tournament mode of the game. Characters can be controlled by moving the mouse left or right.

Hoops Mania


Hoops mania is one of favorite street basketball game on the internet. In this game you have three shooters which are controlled by mouse button. Hoops Mania has a very good in-game mechanics and graphics. If you love to play basketball on the street then hoops mania will surely fulfill your desire by sitting in front of your computer screen.

Ultimate Mega Hoops 2


Ultimate Mega Hoops 2 is for those who want to test their basket abilities. The main aim of the game is to put the basketball in the net. Net in the game moves constantly left or right with a regular speed. Game has a total of 10 levels in which the speed of the net becomes faster at the later levels. Be careful of the grandma in the game as she will interrupt in your moves.



Quickshot is one of the games you will surely love to play once you have your hands over it. The player has to compete in the game in order to score as much point as he/she can. You have a total time of one minute to score. The game becomes difficult as you move further in the higher levels.

Basketball Rally


Are you a good basketball player who can score from the throw line?Let us see how much good player you are. Basketball rally will test your limits and skills to score. All you have to do is to click in the circle at the bottom of the game screen to grab the ball and aim to throw that ball in the basket. But it is not as easy as it sounds, give it a try yourself to feel the fun and excitement yourself.

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