Fernando Alonso Motogp
Fernando Alonso Motogp

Fernando Alonso Competes With Marc Marquez On Motorcycle

Fernando Alonso Motogp: Fernando Alonso has competed with Marc Márquez on a motorcycle at the final season in Japan at the Motegi Circuit. There, the two Spanish champions of the world have had a great time riding all kinds of competition vehicles.

Fernando Alonso Motogp

Once the racing season 2016 , Honda has gathered as traditionally done, pilots and vehicles that competed during the year. In the usual ” Honda Racing Thanks Day “, the Japanese brand makes its final holiday season at the circuit Motegi and, as we saw last year , its star drivers are responsible to get behind the wheel of motorcycles and vehicles made By Honda of the present and the past.

Fernando Alonso has been one of the protagonists of the day, along with other Japanese brand drivers as Marc Márquez, Dani Pedrosa, Stoffel Vandoorne, Jenson Button and Takuma Sato, among others. Alonso, meanwhile, as it did last year, made some demonstrations … and tests that it has passed big.

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We have seen the Spaniard piloting the Honda RA302 , who drove in F1 1968 John Surtees. As we can see in the  following videos, it has also rolled with the Honda RC213, the MotoGP Marquez and Pedrosa decorated with dorsal number ’14’ worn by the Spanish in Formula 1 . Márquez and Pedrosa, on the other hand, have put themselves in charge of the spectacular NSX.

Jenson Button , who has retired at the end of this season, has been much talk when testing the Honda NSX Championship Japanese Super GT, a competition which has recently been linked to him. His replacement in F1, Stoffel Vandoorne , it has had a great time , receiving heat from the Japanese while testing different vehicles McLaren , as the MP4 / 6.

The culmination of the day was a race karts between Honda riders, which has imposed the Japanese Takuma Sato , an old acquaintance of Formula 1 below competing.

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