Free Bike Racing Games Online

FREE Bike Racing Games

From the childhood it is the dream of every child to ride a bike. Our fantasy of riding a bike turns into racing when we reach our teen age. Once bike racing games were very popular among people, especially games like Moto GP and Moto Racer. But the thing was you had to install those games first and secondly your PC must have the minimum specs mentioned by the game manual. Now you don’t have to buildup   gaming PC to play bike racing games. With the advancement of technology and improvement in websites bike racing games became very popular among kids. So if you are looking for some good time pass games then we have got some good alternative for you people. So if you want to experience how it feels in the air doing stunts then we will discuss with you some of the best bike racing games online that are free to play.

Bike Racing 2014

bike 1

Bike Racing 2014 is one of the top bike racing games we encountered on the internet. Bike racing offers you to compete in new challenges and environment like never before. It is kind of bike drag racing game with new and excited levels, awesome graphics and very good in-game physics and mechanics. If you love to race on bikes and have craze about bikes then this game will surely fill up your desires. Bike Racing 2014 offers you variety of new bikes and upgrades to boost the speed of your bike. Natural environment and newly designed tracks will give you a realistic feeling. You can also challenge your friends with newly designed leader board in the game. Game offers very easy controls to give you full excitement and enjoyment.

Superbike Racer

Superbike rider on race track

Superbike racer is a nine leveled racing game which is very poplar now days over the internet. In each level you compete for different medals like gold, silver and bronze respectively. The first three levels in the game qualify you for the bronze medal, while the rest of levels for silver and bronze medal. Game has a very well designed mechanics and physics. Graphics are also very amazing featuring natural scenarios.

Extreme Dirt Racing

bike 3

As the name shows this game will really make you jump in front of your computer screen. Extreme Dirt Racing is one of the amazing games in terms of physics and graphics. You will feel the difference once you will engage yourself in the gameplay.

Motocross Nitro

bike 4

Motocross Nitro is one of the amazing 3d bike racing games on the internet. Player gets access to different locations from hot deserts to frozen lakes. Motocross gives you chances to learn throughout the entire game. It is one of the amazing games paired with some decent physics and mechanics.

Motocross Fever

bike 5

You might be thinking Motocross Fever just like other ordinary dirt bike racing games. But you are wrong, it is the game you will not keep your hands away once you play it. So if you have courage to race on a bumpy route then get prepared and join the race. Motocross Fever has two different modes like championship mode and quick race mode.

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