Tile or parquet, which is the best floor for the interior?

Flooring is an important phase in the construction or renovation of a house. Various materials are used for this operation, but the most common are tiling and parquet. Here is a comparative analysis of tiling and parquet to help you choose the best floor for your interior.
Advantages and disadvantages of tiling
Tiling is very popular for interior flooring because of its many advantages. It is an easy to maintain floor. Indeed, thanks to detergent products, you can easily maintain your tiles. In addition, the tile lasts a long time and resists fire and other harsh shocks excellently. The tiles are available in several colors, which gives a decorative touch to your interior. There are thus several types of tiles: ceramic, stone tiles, terracotta tiles, mosaics, etc. However, tiles can be slippery, especially when wet. In addition, it is generally cold to the touch. For detail information visit home improvement Columbus.


Parquet, advantages, but not only
Floor particularly appreciated by lovers of rustic, the parquet also has many advantages, but also has some shortcomings.
Advantages of parquet
Parquet is a material renowned for its long life. Choosing parquet as a floor covering for your interior means investing in the long term. Parquet has many other advantages. It is a completely natural product which, when placed in a room, gives it a warm appearance. Then you can easily renovate it by cleaning it with suitable products and then refinishing it. Finally, the parquet offers excellent thermal insulation to your interior thanks to its insulating properties.

Disadvantages of parquet
Despite its great qualities, the parquet has some drawbacks. Due to its natural constitution, the parquet is very vulnerable to water. Before installing the parquet, make sure that the concrete slab is completely dry. Furthermore, during installation, the parquet may expand and withdraw. It is therefore necessary to install expansion joints. Some parquet floors such as solid parquet are very expensive. Furthermore, the parquet is not suitable for all rooms in your interior either. To use it as a shower floor for example, you have to take enormous precautions.
Tiles and parquet are among the most used floors. Each of them has its strengths and limitations. So make your choice based on the convenience you are looking for and your budget.

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