Everybody who is working in the forex market agree that it is really hard for forex trading beginners to know the best account for trading. The truth is that over 90% of new traders who lost a lot of money at their first trade. Obviously, they did not have many experiences when deciding on what type of account is best suited for them. For some brokers, it is highly recommended that forex beginners should opt for forex demo account because it will provide them many experiences, which pave the way for their big profit. But, from my perspective, it is not really a good thing if new traders use demo account at the beginning of trading. In fact, I used to talk to some new traders, and most of them are failed after using demo account. I mean that when experiencing demo account, new traders will have a chance to enjoy best trading conditions from their brokers such as: good execution, prices, lowest spread, lowest volatility… Surely, all of things will appeal to beginners spontaneously. Normally, it is thought that new traders can get a lot of money easily after winning demo account. However, research has showed that while forex beginners win a large deal of money in demo account, their money will be evaporated when using real one. In reality, there are a various differences between demo account and real one.

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New traders need to learn the way to use real account after experiencing demo one, which is not helpful for them. We can use demo account around 3 or 4 months, which is considered as a long time for practicing. I myself think that forex beginners will squander your time and money when experiencing demo account in this case. Unquestionably, it is super useful for new traders to use real trading account instead of demo one at the beginning. It should be noted that most suited account is Cent account, which is a real and secured. As I mentioned above, using real account is regarded as the best option for beginners. And, I will explain the reasons why Cent account is the best for all new traders. To my mind, it is so important that new traders should know these beneficial factors of using this type of account.

  • Initially, Cent account is an actual account which new traders can definitely count on. The fact that we are practicing real account, we thus enjoy authentic trading conditions: real volatility, slippage, real spread, real prices. As a matter of fact, it can be a great chance for you to win other accounts when you win money from this Cent account.
  • One of the most conspicuous benefits is that you can train your responsibility when using genuine account. I definitely reckon that you will be able to get a big profit if you pay closer attention to your management.
  • Using Cent account means you are trading Cent Dollars. Therefore, I ensure that it would be extremely advantageous for forex beginners. For instance, you deposit 10$ and will get 1000 USC, which pours into your account. Then you can use 1000 USC to open different orders for practicing trading. It seems that in certain situation, you do not need to wait for a long period of time to withdraw your money and profits because it just takes you few minutes to do this. In fact, if you withdraw all your money from your account, you will lost around 10$ of your deposit. Nonetheless, it is worth to use this amount of money to practice real account, which is absolutely useful. In my viewpoint, you will have many valuable lessons when experiencing real account. I am sure that when you spend money in real account, you must learn as many wonderful things as possible.


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Is it a great thing for new traders to use Exness Cent account?

In reality, it is impossible for forex beginners to experience Cent account provided by bigger brokers. The vast majority of smaller brokers will offer Cent account with a view to appealing to many new traders. Certainly, when trading with these small brokers, you cannot enjoy better trading conditions, which are only provided by larger ones.

Luckily, when you come to Exness broker, you can definitely be offered Cent account. In fact, Exness is the biggest retail forex broker compared to others. At the same time, Exness has higher trading volume in the forex market. What’s more, Exness was audited by largest accounting firm, thus Exness is a really trusted broker. Why is Exness Cent account suitable for new traders?

Here are some chief factors which can help us to unravel this question.

  • When an increasing number of new traders have chosen to come to reliable and big brokers, Exness, in this case, is the best option for them. As I mentioned above, Exness is the biggest forex broker.
  • The next important thing is that you do not have to pay a lot for deposit when choosing Exness Cent account. Exness does not require minimum deposit, so you can deposit any cost that you like.
  • At present, Exness Cent account is offering higher leverage which you can benefit from. When it comes to higher leverage, the margin will be lowered. Therefore, it would be good for you to have more free margins to make your orders open.
  • One more good point is that you will be able to withdraw and deposit your money by local payment methods immediately. In this situation, everything would be easy for you. It will facilitate your trading process.
  • There has been a steady increase in the demand for helping new traders solving some problems, especially language obstacle. Due to the fact that Exness is now providing different languages, which can be a good solution to this problem. If you are beginners, you should choose Exness Cent account. They are supplying their traders with various languages such as: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran…
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  • Finally, opting for Exness Cent account means you can get the lowest minimum position. Because, you are allowed to open positions about 0.01 Cent or 0.0001$.

How to get an Exness Cent account?

At first, in order to possess an Exness Cent account, you must prepare one email and one phone number. The process of registration does not take you few minutes. It is completely straightforward and fast.

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