Messi, Neymar, Suarez, The Best Attacking Trident In History?

Messi, Neymar, Suarez

What is the best attacking trident of history? We know that it is difficult to compare players from different times. Football advances so much that it is very difficult to decide who is the best player in history or who, as in this case, make up the best front in history. Attacking History Of Messi, Neymar, Suarez This time we wonder ...

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Elite Sportsmen In Bankruptcy

Elite Sportsmen Bankruptcy

Elite Sportsmen In Bankruptcy: Did you know that elite athletes fall more often than you think in situations of bankruptcy ? The organization of charitable character XPRO Life After Sport , whose main objective is to offer help, support and advice to those professional football players who have played in the UK and Ireland, has warned of the high level ...

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Super Soccer Athletes Who Get Famous In Short Time


Many people think that success and fame comes over night. But that isn’t true in all cases. More than 99% people who are famous in their field said they work real hard, face failures to reach that level of fame. This also happens in football. Sometimes people think that a player emerges out of few good goals or good luck ...

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Is comparison between James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo Legit?

Cristiano Ronaldo VS James Rodrigues

Cristiano Ronaldo VS James Rodriguez “Ronaldo VS Messi” is an old debate now and “Ronaldo VS Rodriguez” is perhaps the new hottest topic and talk of the town in the football circles. Well it would be absolutely wrong for some diehard Ronaldo fans to compare him with someone like Rodriguez, who is relatively a new phenomenon in the world of ...

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