Ice Hockey

What Is Ice Hockey – Ice Hockey Rules

What Is Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey: It is played between two teams of six players with skates on a tennis ice . It is characterized by its great strength , speed and aggressiveness. This sport is mainly played in cold countries, they can have natural ice rinks, although some countries have created artificial tracks for this sport. Sport Ice Hockey is within the top four ...

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Best online places to buy Ice Hockey equipment.


Ice hockey or simply referred to as “Hockey” is one of the most popular sports in some countries of the world. If the sport is popular in your country or you just want to try it to get a taste of this interesting sport, you may need to buy hockey sticks and some other necessary equipment. In this article, we ...

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Top 10 Ice Hockey grounds

Amalie Arena

The game of ice hockey is very popular in some countries, such as Canada or the United States. Just like the game itself, ice hockey ground is also known for its uniqueness and beauty. The playing area is known as ice hockey rink and the enjoyment of witnessing a well-managed goal can be huge due to its beauty. Here is ...

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Top Ten Richest Ice Hockey Players In World


Richest Ice Hockey Players Ice Hockey may not be as popular as games like Football or Cricket but surely it has a good fan base in North America and Europe. Highest level of this game is considered to be National Hockey League and players playing in this league earn a lot of fame and money. This is the list of ...

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Wayne Gretzky Records and Achievements


Wayne Gretzky Records Wayne Gretzky was a Canadian ice hockey player and coach. His career lasts for twenty years starting in 1979 up till 1999. He performed in twenty NHL seasons, and represented four different teams. Before stepping into professional ice hockey sports, he practiced hard at backyard rink, to develop his skills. He also played Minor hockey. NHL was ...

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Best ever Bobby Orr’s Historical Goal


Bobby Orr’s Best Goal Bobby Orr was a legendary player of twentieth century, and still in memory of the people due to his historical performances, goals, records and achievements in Ice hockey. He was the first player that was appreciated by standing ovation for more than ten minutes on the spot by the spectators. That means, he was really loved ...

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List Of Ice Hockey Equipment And Their General Purposes


Ice Hockey Equipments: Every sport have some equipment to play the game. There are two general purposes for equipments. First is to play game  with easiness, and other is for safety measures. Same goes with the ice hockey. As the name suggest, the game is played on ice. That’s why it got unusual attentions of the critics over its possible ...

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