Ice Hockey

World best Ice Hockey Playing Nations


World best Ice Hockey Playing Nations: There is a huge list of worldwide nations that are playing ice hockey. But the most notable among them are seven nations. Which are also referred as “Big Seven”. Here are some of the features of these seven best nations which make them distinct from rest of all. Sweden: In the beginning, Ice hockey ...

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IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2015

ice hockey champ 2015

Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 International Ice hockey federation organizes events for different types of competitions among the teams from all over the world. It is 79-th event by IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), which will start from first of May 2015 and will last for seventeen days. This is an annual event that is being organized since 1920. The ...

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What Is Icing in Hockey – Types Of Icing Hockey


What is icing in hockey Looking for to know what is icing in hockey? Every sport and game has some rules and regulation. Same goes with the icing hockey.  In general discussion, we will came across icing and offside rule as two major portion of this sport. Here I will explain what is icing in hockey game. Explanation “what is ...

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Ice Hockey Heroes


 Ice Hockey Heroes Ice hockey is one of the favourite sports in Canada and USA, who produced best players of ice hockey. In past many players emerged, some of them are renowned in the history while others just vanished with the speed they came at the big screen. We will discuss here the best ice hockey players of all time. Though there ...

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