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We know that boys don’t have to do anything with cooking. Mostly girls love cooking and they look for different types of cooking recipes over the internet. Girls always try to make some new kind of recipes for their friends and family. With the evolution of internet it is now possible for everyone to play any kind of game over the internet. Cooking games are very popular on the internet and played by most of the girls around the world. You can make any type of recipes in such games. We will discuss with you some of the cool cooking games online which are free to play.

Emily’s kitchen

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Emily’s kitchen is one of the most popular cooking games on the internet. You play as Emily in the game that learns different type of cake recipes in the game. It is your job to help Emily in making best pan cakes. You have to arrange the necessary ingredients for Emily in the short time as possible so that she can make cakes for you. Time is the most important factor in this game. Once you prepare pan cakes you can serve them with delicious fruits.

Here is the free link for the game

Delicious Chicken Burger

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Everyone loves fast food. What if you know the recipe to make recipe Delicious Chicken Burger? In this game you will learn how to make Chicken Burger. Green arrow in the game tells you what to do next.

Sara Cooking Cake

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Making a special cake is the favourite time pass of every girl. In this game Sara will make delicious cakes for you. You have the challenge in this game to make the best cake by helping Sara. All you have to do is not to make any kind of mistake in the game or game will over.

Cooking Banana Split

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Yummy Banana split waters everyone’s mouth. In this game you have the objective to make banana split. You are given different type of ingredients and now it is your job to mix them all and make the best banana split for your guests. Game is very easy to play. All you have to do is to hold right mouse button over the fruit to mix in the split.

Dora Christmas

c 6

Making Christmas cakes is the dream of every girl. On this Christmas, Dora is preparing Christmas cakes for her friends who are visiting her on the Christmas. You are going to assist Dora in this game so that she can make the best cakes for her friends.

Garlic Pepper Shrimp

c 7

Dishes that are made from pepper taste very delicious. Now you can learn how to make delicious garlic pepper shrimp in this beautifully designed game. In this game Sara is the main character that teaches you how to make delicious pepper shrimp for free. You will get hints through the entire gameplay. If you complete the tasks before time then you will get extra points. Game can be controlled by just single click of mouse

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