Does Mohammad Amir deserve a comeback?

Does Mohammad Amir deserve a comeback? It is undoubtedly one of the most discussed questions among cricket fans. It is not that those from Pakistan support him and those from rival countries are against him or vice versa. Cricket fans from all over the world seem divided in this matter.

Mohammad Amir is one of the finest bowlers to ever play cricket and he made a mistake as he was very young and new in the professional world. This is one the most popular responses. On the other hand, some fans believe that Amir brought a bad name to the whole cricketing world and therefore he does not deserve a comeback. Before we go any further into the matter, let us have a look at a brief summary of Amir’s career.

Mohammad Amir, a left arm fast bowler from Pakistan, made his international debut in July, 2009 against Sri Lanka. Due to his ability to swing, he was compared with fast-bowling legend Wasim Akram within few months. However, his thrilling international career was ended within 13 months, when he was found to be involved in a spot-fixing scandal, along with Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif. He was banned for five year but his ban has ended now.

Mohammad Amir looked embarrassed since the start of this scandal and he even apologized to his fans and the whole cricketing world. At the same time, Mohammad Amir seemed very determined and motivated in all his interviews and media appearances to make a comeback. However, it is not going to be easy. At first, many cricket fans, including a huge number of Pakistani fans and international experts, are against him comeback at international scene. They see his mistake as unforgiveable. Secondly, Pakistan has “launched” quite a lot of young fast bowlers since his ban and most of them seem to be performing reasonably well at international level.


Therefore, it cannot be a simple matter of yes or no for Mohammad Amir as he has a lot of competition to face. However, we believe that Amir deserve a second chance. There are many arguments which go in his favor. Amir made a mistake and he has already paid for it. He has served his prison sentence as well as professional ban. A criminal is not criminal for a life time if he or she has been given adequate punishment. Moreover, Mohammad Amir has been in rehabilitation under the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). Hopefully he is fully aware of professional and ethical standards now. Lastly, we believe that the crime of spot-fixing cannot be equivalent to match-fixing and a player should not be kept out of game merely due to it, especially when he has already faced adequate punishment.


However, Amir will have to perform in domestic cricket in order to make an international come back. So far he has performed reasonably well and it seems like he is gaining back his rhythm and momentum. But we will have to wait and watch. Do inform us about your opinion regarding the question that whether Mohammad Amir deserver a comeback or not.


  1. I don’t want him to be back in the team again. He is a green parrot..

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