Top 10 Batsmen In T20 Cricket

T20 is the latest format of cricket and its history is not older than a decade. However, the format has attained immense popularity among all the cricket fans. Not only this but it also helped to increase the overall fan base of the game. At one hand, batsmen well-established in other formats were compelled to change their game in order to survive in this format and on the other hand many new cricket players got a chance to play in this format and get international recognition. This list provides information regarding top 10 batsmen in T20 cricket. However, if you are looking for the list of greatest batsmen is all formats, you may visit this link check to ten greatest batsmen in the world.

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10) D.A Warner:


With 66 sixes in international T20 matches, David Warner is considered as one of the brilliant batsmen of modern T20 cricket. He has a brilliant strike rate of 138.84 and has scored 1444 runs in T20 format.

9) Suresh Raina:

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is also a bright star in T20 batting. He has so far scored 947 runs with an average of 32.65 and strike rate of 135.47. Currently he is at number 8 in ICC ranking and not-so-surprisingly he attained the almost similar position in our list of top T20 batsmen.

8) Faf Du Plessis:

Faf Du Plessis

South African right-handed batsman Faf Du Plessis is another top batsmen in the T20 format. Du Plessis has so far scored 710 international T20 runs with an average of 39.44. He also scored the second fastest century in this format in only 46 balls.

7) Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh may not be currently playing but he surely surprised and entertained all the cricket fans when he hit 6 sixes to Stuart Broad in one over. The surprise didn’t quite finish as Yuvraj also went on to score fastest half-century in any format of the game. Yuvraj scored half-century off just 12 balls. Overall, he has scored 98 runs in 37 innings.

6) Shahid Afridi:

Shahid Afridi

Sometimes you don’t need stats or on-paper performance to establish the greatness of any player. Boom Boom Shahid Afridi is one such example. Currently he is the captain of Pakistan T20 side and is known to be one of the biggest crowd-puller. Afridi is among those rare players who have the ability to hit sixes in any conditions and change the situation of match in no time.



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5) Alex Hales:

Alex Hales

Hales is another brilliant T20 batsman and has a very good strike rate of 137.84 along with a well-maintained average of 37.55. Along with one century, Hales has scored 7 fifties in this format and is currently the main element of England batting lineup.

4) Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle

West Indies thunder storm Chris Gayle is also one of the top batsmen in T20 format. He got the honor to score first century in this format of cricket when he scored 117 runs against South Africa in Johannesburg. He also hit 87 sixes, which are second maximum in this format.

3) Aaron Finch:

Aaron Finch

Aaron Finch is a young but very promising Australian batsman. Finch has so far scored 756 runs with an average of almost 40 runs. He average is second highest at international level and also has a brilliant strike rate of 152.41. At the same time, he also holds the record of hitting maximum sixes in an inning (14 sixes) and highest individual score (156).

2) Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli

According to Reliance ICC ranking, Virat Kohli is currently the number one batsman in T20 cricket. However, he got second place in our list as he is little short in T20 experience. Virat Kohli has so far scored 972 runs in 28 T20 matches, with an outstanding average of 46.28.

1) Brendon McCullum:

Brendon McCullum

New Zealand batsman Brendon McCullum not only has the highest runs in T20 international history but he also scored second highest individual runs in this format. McCullum is famous for his hard hitting and ability to score quickly. Currently, he holds the record of hitting maximum sixes in this format (91).

This was the list of top 10 batsmen in 20-over format of cricket. Please feel free to leave your valuable comments and inform us about your favorite batsman in T20.

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