Top Ten Bowlers in Cricket History

Top Ten Bowlers in Cricket

Cricket is a game which is loved by everyone. It is the national game of England but is being dominated by teams like Australia, Pakistan, India and Srilanka. Batting is considered as the favorite part in Cricket, but the bowling on the other side has its own charm as well. Cricket has a history to produce legends, and in those legends most of them are the bowlers. So today we will discuss some legendary cricket bowlers of all time.

1.      Fred Trueman


Fred Trueman started his career as a bowler in country cricket in England in 1952. He played 67 test matches and was the first bowler to take 300 wickets in the history of Cricket. His best performance against Australia was 8/31.

2.      Andy Roberts


Andy Roberts was the fast bowler of West Indies. Andy took 7 wickets twice in a test match. He was the fastest bowler of his time with recorded delivery of 159.5 Kmph in a match against Australia.


3.      Jeffry Thompson


Jeff Thompson stands at the third place in the best bowlers of all time. Thompson started his career as a right arm fast bowler in the Australian national team. Thompson’s fastest delivery was recorded to be 160 kmph against the West Indies in 1975.

4.      Wasim Akram



Wasim Akram started his career as a fast bowler in the national team of Pakistan in 1984. Akram is also known as the “King of Swing”. He was the only bowler in the history of cricket to swing the bowl in the air as well as on the pitch. He reached the milestone of taking 502 wickets in ODI and got 414 wickets in the test matches. Wasim Akram stands at the fourth place as the best bowler in the history of cricket ever.

5.      Sir Richard Hadlee


He started his career as a fast bowler for New Zealand in 1973. Richard was known for his extra ordinary bowling skills. Besides a bowler he was also a good batsman. He took total of 589 wickets, including 158 ODI wickets and 431 test match wickets. Legendary boy stands at the fifth place in our rankings.

6.      Shaun Tait


Shaun Tait started his career as a right arm fast bowler in Australian team. He was one of the difficult bowlers to be handled on the pitch. His record delivery was 160.9 Kmph in a match against Pakistan. Due to his fast and dangerous bowling skills he stays at the 6th place in our ranking.

7.      Brett Lee


King of bounce and swing Yorkers “Brett Lee” was the Australian fast bowler. Brett Lee has bowling skills which were god gifted. Lee is placed at the seventh place in the best bowlers of cricket.

8.      Shoaib Akhtar


Shoaib Akhtar also known as “Rawalpindi express” is one of the fast bowlers of times in the history of cricket. He started his career as a fast bowler in National team of Pakistan. Best of the best cricket players were unable to play Shaoib’s delivery due to his tremendous speed and bowling attack. Shoaib Akhtar is the only bowler in the history of cricket to attain the speed of 161.3 Kmph which is a world record. Shoaib Akhtar is also an inspiration for young bowlers in the world.

9.      Glen McGrath


Glen Mcgrath was Australian medium fast bowler. McGrath was the only bowler who was known to take out dangerous batsmen such as Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar.

10)    Waqar Younis

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Waqar Younis was the master of reverse swing. He started his bowling career in 1989 for Pakistan National cricket team. Waqar took 200 wickets in test matches with a total of 800 wickets in his overall career including ODI wickets. He is known to be the best fast bowler in the history of Cricket.


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