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With estimated fan base of 2.5 Billion people, Cricket is considered to be the second most popular game in the world. Its history date back to 16th century and it is mostly popular in Asia, the United Kingdom and Australia. Cricket fans have seen numerous records being made and broken throughout the history of the game and the process continues today. No doubt how big or difficult a record maybe, it is often said that records are made only to be broken in the future. However, still there are certain cricket records which seem unbreakable in the near future. Following is the list of 10 records in the game of cricket which are expected to prove impossible to break in the upcoming years.

  • Sir Don Bradman and his unbelievable average:


Most cricket fans and analysts believe Don Bradman to be the greatest cricketer in the history of the game. This also seems true if we look at the Test stats of Bradman. He scored 6,996 runs in 52 test matches with an unbelievable and astonishing average of 99.94 runs per inning. Due to his complete dominance in the game, Bradman is often called as ‘The Don” and given the title of Sir. His record is not only one of the greatest records ever in the cricket but is also among the oldest cricket records. Bradman retired from the game in the year 1948 and this record is still intact and no player even reached near breaking it.

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This record is even considered to be among the greatest achievements of all times sports because of the fact that he scored these bulks on runs in the time when there was hardly any protective equipment available to players and conditions were rough.

It is almost assured that this record won’t break even in the distant future as the second maximum average in Test matches is only 61. Minimum 20 matches are considered for any record to be accepted and no one is expected to constantly score runs with an average of 100 runs in Test matches, even in the distant future.

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  • One hundred hundreds:


Making one hundred centuries in international cricket may seem impossible to a layman but cricket fans are aware of the fact that this record was recently made by right handed Indian batsman SachinTendulker. It is beyond any doubt that Sachin Tendulkar holds a very high spot in the list of greatest batsmen of all time. It took Sachin 24 years to score one hundred centuries in international cricket. His 100th century was one of the most anticipated events in the history of the game and Sachin finally scored his 100th international cricket hundred in 2012, against Bangladesh. Sachin Tendlukar announced his retirement from international cricket within few months of making this record. He scored 51 centuries in 200 Test matches and 49 centuries in 463 One day International matches.

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It has been seen recently that the career of a lot of great cricketers was finished due to injuries and fitness issues. Experts believe that playing too much cricket matches is to be blamed for that. Fast paced and quick cricket means that the career span of most cricketers is reduced to merely ten to twelve years. The fact that it took a great batsman like Sachin Tendulker 24 years to make this record shows that it would be near to impossible to break this record in the future as no one is expected to play for this long in upcoming years.

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  • Most International Wickets:


With the total of 1,334 wickets in Test and one day international matches, Sri Lankan Right arm off break bowler Muttiah Muralitharan holds the record of most international wickets in the history of the game. Muralitharan has 800 wickets in Test matches and 534 wickets in One day international matches. The greatness of his bowling can be evident from the fact that at first he surpassed 519 Test wicket of Courtney Walsh and later he once again surpassed Shane Warne to become highest wicket taker in Test matches as he had to leave international cricket for some time due to shoulder injury. Similarly, he surpassed 501 wickets of Pakistani pacer Waseem Akram in ODIs to become the highest wicket taker.

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Even though Muttiah Muralitharan retired from international cricket in 2011 but it still looks impossible for any bowler to break this record. He had to play 133 Test matches and 350 ODI matches to claim this record and it seems impossible for any current bowler to play such a huge number of matches. All bowlers are more exposed to the danger of injury and hence no bowler in near future is expected to have such a long career to break this record.

  • Fastest One day century:

South Africa & England Nets & Press Conferences

AB De Villiers is considered to be one of the greatest and most stylish batsmen of present era. He scored fastest one day international century earlier this year against West Indies in merely 31 balls. This is one of the most brilliant and difficult records in the entire history of the game and is considered to be unbreakable in the near future.

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Every cricket fan knows that earlier this record remained with Boom Boom Shahid Afridi for almost 18 years and it was broken by CJ Anderson of New Zealand in 2014 when he scored a century in 36 balls. However, since this record was again broken by South African AB De Villiers, it is expected to remain as it is for at least few upcoming years.

  • Biggest win in First Class Cricket:


It was 1964 when cricket fans witnessed the most one sided match in the history. It was a First Class match between Pakistan Railways and Dera Ismail Khan. Pakistan Railways made 910 runs in their first inning for the loss of six wickets and declared their inning. In response to such a huge ton of runs, Whole team of Dera Ismail Khan was bowled out for only 32 and 27 runs in both their innings. This is the biggest winning margin in the cricket history and the record is still present even after 52 years. It looks as it will remain unbroken in the future.

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  • Jack Hobbs – The runs Machine:


Different batsmen are often called as ‘Run Machine’ due to their huge scores, but it is Jack Hobbs who actually deserves this title. With the help of 199 centuries, Hobbs scored 61,760 runs in 834 First Class matches. Hobbs is considered to be one of the most consistent batsmen in the history. In spite of huge pile of total runs he only scored 16 double centuries and 1 triple century, which shows he constantly performed in matches. Hobbs was also famous for scoring runs on almost all pitches. His record of more than 61K runs is surely unbreakable record.

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  • Highest individual score in T20:

Chris Gayle

T20 is the shortest format of international cricket and most teams are usually happy to score 170 runs in the whole inning. However, it was Caribbean thunder storm Chris Gayle who individually scored 175 runs in one inning. This is one of the most difficult records to make as there are only 20 overs in one innings. Therefore, it is considered to be among top unbreakable records in the game of Cricket.

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  • 19 wickets in one match:


It is often difficult for a bowling side to take complete 20 wickets in the whole Test match. However, it was legendary Jim Laker who alone took 19 wickets against Australia in 1956 and made this unbreakable record. The whole match was later known as “Laker’s Match”. No matter how great a bowler you are, it is surely the most difficult record to make. The record remains unbroken even after 70 years and is expected to remain with Laker in the future.

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  • Shortest Test match:


Test matches are sometimes criticized for being very slow. Cricketers play hard for five days and often end up drawing the match. However, it would be a real surprising fact for most people that the shortest Test match in the history lasted for less than six hours. It was not the rain or some other unfavorable conditions which stopped the match but it was South African batting line up which was bowled out twice for scores of only 45 and 36.

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South Africa batted first to score only 36 runs. Australia was also bowled out for a small total of 153 runs but it was South African batting line up which again lost all wickets for only 45 runs, giving victory to Australia by an inning and 72 runs. This remained the shortest cricket match in the history for almost 77 years and is expected to remain in the list of unbreakable records in the future as well.

  • 40,000 wickets and 4,000 Runs:


With 4,000 wickets and 40,000 runs in First Class cricket, Wilfred Rhodes holds a very unique but surely unbreakable record. His First Class career lasted for more than 3 decades.

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