Tri-series Between PAKISTAN WEST-INDIANS and ZIMBABWE Fighting to qualify in champion trophy

Most cricket fans are aware of the latest development in the cricket fixtures according to which Pak VS Zim cricket series has been changed into tri-series with the addition of West Indies. This change will not only provide fans with better quality cricket to watch but can also have dramatic effects on the Champions Trophy qualification.

Before this announcement, it was obvious that Bangladesh had qualified for the tournament and the chances of them disqualifying were minute. Pakistan was pushed to number nine in the ICC ranking but Pakistan had a chance to perform well against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe to get eight spot and push West Indies down to number nine. However, this tri-series has presented an interesting scenario now.

A situation can develop in a way that Pakistan and West Indies can go up to push Bangladesh down to ninth position. The results of Bangladesh series against India and South and Pakistan matches against Sri Lanka as well as the tri-series will finally decide the two bottom teams to qualify for Champion Trophy. At present, any two of the three teams (Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh) can qualify. The comeback of Pakistani pacer Mohammad Amir has also been anticipated in this series, which can be real good news for cricket fans.


So, what are your thoughts on it? Which teams do you think will qualify for the Champions Trophy? Pakistan and West Indies are currently facing the dangers of not making it to the big tournament. Do you think they have good chances of pushing Bangladesh down to qualify? Moreover, what do you think about Mohammad Amir? Does he deserve to play international cricket once again? And do you think he will be as lethal now as he was five years ago? Inform us about your opinion in the comments box.


  1. Umair Shamraiz

    we cant say at the moment because both teams are unpredictable but if Pakistan win this test match then their moral will be high and they will beat west Indies in triangular series and will definitely qualify but we cant ignore the last defeat of Pakistan against west Indies

  2. we are supporting a team pakistan…

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