Top ten Dangerous Games in the World

Sports may seem a very interesting activity form most of the people. Some sports are safe to participate in while some are very dangerous. Many people have the passion to adopt dangerous sports as their profession. No matter there is a lot of money in dangerous games but your life is also exposed to risk. We will discuss with you top ten dangerous sports all over the world which are very interesting but may end up taking your life.

1.      Horseback Riding

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Riding may seem to be a very gentle sport but it may result in to fatal injuries. Horseback riders are exposed to very serious injuries than any other athletes in the world. Tamed horses may be gentle with you if you whip their ass. But here we are talking about wild horses. All you are left with just hands and your legs to make a balance on the back of the horse. So if you are planning to ride on a wild stallion then purchase a good insurance company as well.

2.      Bull Riding

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Bull may be very calm at your farm but placing your bump over their back may irritate them. Your will to ride on the back of a furious and angry bull may result in breaking your bones in to pieces. Bull riders always risk their life more than any other athletes. For a bull rider the first few seconds are the most curious moments of his life. And if you make it out for the first few seconds then chance is that bull may tear you into pieces.

3.      Street Luging

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Street luging is just like street skateboarding, but in street luging you have to lay down back as you are taking a sun bath on a flat board. Slowly your movement increases and you are a moving car on a super highway. Risk of injuries are maximum in this sport and a lot of energy and stamina is requires as well.

4.      Base-Jumping

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Not everyone is mad enough to jump from a sky scrapper. Well some people are mad therefore they choose base jumping as their favorite sport. Although the jumpers in this game have a parachute to land on the ground safely but if that doesn’t opens up then you are done.

5.      Heli-Skiing

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Heli-Skiing is just like normal Skiing but in this game athletes jump from the helicopter on the peak of a snow capped mountain.  Yes, a snow capped which is impossible to climb with the help of your grand pa’s map. Participants are unaware of what is heading their way.

6.      Motor Cycle Racing

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Yes riding may cost you more than your life. We are not talking about the street bike race with your beloved friends but professional bike racing on metaled road. Bike moving with high speed are very difficult to control resulting in scratching your bump.

7.      Running of Bulls

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Bulls don’t run alone in this game but they are chasing people in streets. It is one of the dangerous sports in the world. Thousands of people participate in this game. All you have to do is to take care of your ass while running.

8.      Wave Surfing

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Surfing on the waves is not meant for everyone, especially when the waves are up to 80 feet above the surface. Those who adopt this sports train for a long period of time before stepping on water.

9.      Cave diving

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Cave diving is one of the most dangerous sports in which you dive in the game below thousands of feet in the oceans. Most of the people lose their life while participating in this sport.

10.    Climbing

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Don’t make this sport you favorite if you have fear of high altitudes in your mind. As this sport is meant for people who have no fear and want to conquer those untouched limits. The love towards climbing can take your life. A single mistake may be very costly in this kind of sport.

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