Sports Headphones
Sports Headphones

Need Headphones For Sports? How to Choose.

Playing sports is good, but doing sports while music is better! And for good reason, more and more sportsmen decide to train, while listening to music to distract themselves, but also to give themselves a maximum of motivation. If you need to isolate, focus or motivate yourself during your workout, you need to quickly invest in headphones or sports headphones. Indispensable for the majority of the great sportsmen, these products are available in hundreds (even thousands) of models on the market. To enjoy peacefully your favorite songs, it is essential to find THE model that best suits your needs and expectations. If you do not know where to start in your search,

Why you need sports headphones?

Whatever the make and model of smartphone that you buy, the latter usually comes with a pair of headphones adapted to your new device. Due to the characteristics of these headphones, it is quite possible for you to use them during your sports sessions. Except that for long-term use or for more intense sports, they will not always meet your needs. For example, people who occasionally use a stationary bike will not necessarily see the difference between a “classic” earpiece and a sports earpiece during their activity. On the other hand, people who do running or bodybuilding will be less interested in this type of more basic headphones. First, the structure of these was not designed to hold on your ears during the exercise. Then, even if some of them will succeed to hold on your ears, the sweat provoked by the training will be enough to deteriorate the quality of your headphones. In short, to listen to music while playing sports, there is nothing better than the equipment dedicated to this effect.

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How to choose headphones for the sport?

Sweat-resistant and designed for a good fit, you’ll find a variety of sports headphones available on the market. With a price range between 10 and 300 euros, the choice is really very large, which makes the selection process even more difficult. There are several websites which write reviews about headphones like “” to ease the decision-making process like if you do not have a high budget you can choose the term like best sports headphones under $100 etc. Moreover, in most cases, you will not have the opportunity to try them. We also have the small list here which will help you to buy your next sports headphone:-


In the market for headphones and sports headphones, you will have a choice between supra-aural models and in-ear models. The first models are the ones you will put directly on your ears. The second models are, for their part, headphones or headphones that you will need to insert in your ear canal. These two models may please you if you listen to music in lost time, however, if you do a sport, you could prefer one to another.

Supra-aural headphone

The main advantage of supra-aural headphones and headphones is that they usually have larger drivers. Which means, better sound quality. However, it should be expected that they are heavier and therefore less suitable for athletes who want to use it for running, for example. The arch that equips this type of earpiece (and which is to place on the top of the skull) is also not very comfortable for prolonged efforts. Finally, after a few hours, you may experience some ear pain, not to mention the increased sweating that this type of headphone causes after a while.

In-ear headphones

Much lighter and less imposing, in-ear headphones will be a little more suitable for sports where prolonged effort is needed. Promising a little more comfort than the first type, it is still important to find a model that will fit your ears best. Another bonus: these headphones, specially designed for the sport, are equipped with greater durability and optimal protection against sweat.


When you put your headphones in your pockets or in your backpack, the wires always wind up. Obviously, when we start a training session, we do not have time to undo all these knots. Fortunately, the best models of sports headphones and headphones are anti-knots. This is the case, for example, flat models or models with special coatings. Also, take the time to check the strength of these cords. These must be shock and time-proof if you want to use them over a long period of time.

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Resistant to water and sweat

Sweat is the number one enemy of conventional headphones and headphones. Still, it’s hard not to sweat when playing sports. That’s why you need to make sure that the sports headphones of your choice are resistant to sweat, but also to water. In this way, you will not have to worry about the weather, because even if the weather is bad, the raindrops will not stop you from having your melody in the hollow of your ears.

Utilization facility

Why invest in headphones and sports headphones that will break your head with every use? The best is to opt for models that can be controlled from a remote control. In this way, you will not always need to touch your phone to change your Spotify playlist, change the volume, or answer a call. Ease of use and freedom of movement are also closely related. The cord of some models will prevent you from running freely. While other models will come with clips that hook directly to your laundry to prevent a wire hanging. To overcome this problem, you will also have Bluetooth models that do not require the intervention of wires.

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