Is comparison between James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo Legit?

Cristiano Ronaldo VS James Rodriguez

“Ronaldo VS Messi” is an old debate now and “Ronaldo VS Rodriguez” is perhaps the new hottest topic and talk of the town in the football circles. Well it would be absolutely wrong for some diehard Ronaldo fans to compare him with someone like Rodriguez, who is relatively a new phenomenon in the world of football. However, fact of the matter is that various neutral commentators and fans have recently comparing both of these Real Madrid players at the moment.

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We will come towards professional skills and records later on but at first, let’s talk about appearances. It is true that people are also comparing both these players due to their similar looks. Well they both may not be a complete look-alike but at the same time there is some facial resemblance between them. This is one of the primary reasons that some football fans earlier started this comparison and then it was extended towards the comparison of skills. However, it’s up to you to analyze and decide if Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez actually have some resemblance or it’s just a fans-made myth.

It is only logical to consider that a complete comparison between the two players can’t be made. But here we are talking about some similarities which led certain football circles to start this debate. Cristiano Ronaldo is undisputedly regarded to be one of the top five players (mostly regarded as best or second best player) in the current football world. On the other hand, James Rodriguez is also considered to be one of the best professional football players in the world but still he is no way near to the top five list. One of the important reasons for this is that the professional career of Rodriguez is relatively very short as compared to Ronaldo. This situation also discourages any direct comparison between the two players.

Cristiano Ronaldo VS James Rodrigues

However, people still compare them. Resemblance in the looks is one factor which has already been discussed. Another reason is that both players have played in a similar role i.e. a winger on various occasions. Similarly both players have shown good control and dribbling skills as well as good scoring skills, even though Rodriguez is a newbie (in front of Ronaldo). At the same time both players currently play for the same team, Real Madrid.

It’s completely up to you to form any concluding opinion regarding this aspect but the fact of the matter is that both are great players and very important part of the Real Madrid team. And if you don’t find resemblance between the two superstars, excuse those fans who initiated this debate. Of course same shirt, facial resemblance and slight similarity in technique can lead anyone to start such a comparison.

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