Street Cars Born In Formula 1

5 Street Cars Born In Formula 1

5 Street Cars Born In Formula 1: Formula 1 is the perfect test bed for car manufacturers who want to push their latest developments to the limit. Throughout history we have seen technologies that have gone from F1 to street cars. These are 5 street cars born in Formula 1.

Street Cars Born In Formula 1

Cars Born In Formula 1

Cars Born In Formula 1

What is Formula 1 for? Many are limited to believe that F1 is a category of motorsport where a dozen cars go round nonstop circuit for two hours, but no, it’s much more than that. The Formula 1 has always been the perfect platform for automakers to show what they are capable on a race track, where the boundaries of mechanics and speed beyond the road. In circuits, the only goal is to win with the best tools, and some of those tools, in the future, will be part of our daily life.

In Formula 1 we have seen various mechanical developments that are now common in vehicles with which we move. We showed him with these 5 cars street born in Formula 1 .

Ferrari LaFerrari

Raikkonen Laferrari 2014

Raikkonen Laferrari 2014

The Ferrari LaFerrari is the last great jewel produced by Ferrari. A spectacular and exclusive model in which the Scuderia has put all his knowledge of Formula 1 in recent years. The LaFerrari has a maximum power of 963 hp, developed by an atmospheric V12 petrol engine (800 hp) and a 163 hp electric motor. In addition, it has a KERS, similar to the one used in F1 a few years ago. During the development of this model, engineers had the collaboration of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso .

BMW i3

John Barnard engineer was the forerunner of the use of carbon fiber in Formula 1 , considering that this material would make the lighter and stronger than other components, such as aluminum chassis. The first car with carbon fiber chassis was the McLaren 1981. Despite questions about security, it soon became the most widely used material. If we come across a BMW i3 on the road we will see the first major production car (also electric) whose interior has been made of carbon fiber.

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BMW E60 M5

Produced between 2004 and 2010, the BMW E60 M5 had a V10 engine developed using learning making propellers team Williams BMW Formula 1 as a base. It developed 507 HP of power and was able to accelerate from zero to one hundred in 4.7 seconds … Ah! And its sound left its roots.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The Italian sports spectacular is one of the lightest vehicles in the world and that has been achieved through the use of materials of carbon fiber , taking the F1 reference. The weight of the 4C is only 895 kg and, specifically, its chassis only weighs 65 kg. The monocoque chassis, incidentally, was used for the first time in Formula 1 in the Lotus 25 in 1962.

AM RB-001

Although only are to produce 150 units of this model, it is one of the cars in which you can see best technology and advances in Formula 1 . It is being developed as the result of a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull . It will have a V12 engine that will develop about 1,000 horsepower. The charge of its design is nothing more and nothing less than Adrian Newey , technical guru who  worked at McLaren and Williams and led Red Bull to win four consecutive world titles between 2010 and 2014.

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