Alonso Career In F1
Alonso Career In F1

Alonso New Career In F1

Alonso New Career In F1: After several years at Ferrari , Alonso returns to McLaren , the team through which won two world of F1 and of course with all the energy and dreams of conquering the third. However it has already made it clear that needs time to adjust to his new life returning back to one of the greatest exponents of the sport .

The last years of Alonso

The truth is that in recent years Alonso has not achieved too many good results, although there was always the idea or accusations that Ferrari was not up to par with vehicles that always left to be desired.

However, both McLaren and Alonso himself is fully convinced that his return will be a benefit to both recovering again trust also against his followers who were already beginning to lose hope.

The New Companion Of Alonso

Companion Of Alonso

Companion Of Alonso

Gone are the old quarrels with his Ferrari teammate to embark on a new adventure with Button and Magnussen as reserve driver .

But of course, Alonso stresses the need to go step by step and not expect the best results from the first moment, but in turn is also fully convinced that together with his teammates will get some fantastic results from the first year.

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Alonso’s entry Into McLaren

Alonso's Entry Into McLaren

Alonso’s Entry

However Alonso also warns that the negotiations and even the agreement itself were carried out much earlier than the media thought, but obviously the whole process to go ahead in the biggest of secrets in order to prevent anyone from interfere.

On the other hand we must also bear in mind that there are still many races with Ferrari , and it is clear that Alonso will look trim positions to achieve the best results and leave Ferrari with heads held high.

To get back to the hands of a Renault It will be necessary to wait until the whole next year, since until 2016 the contract will not be made effective.

At Four Years Old Enough

It should be noted that Alonso got his two consecutive titles in 2005 and 2006 with Renault, but later changed to Ferrari and for four years has climbed the podium but not enough to get the third.

However things now point very positively and perhaps returning to his old team finally manage to end those ghosts that have been chasing him all this time, and demonstrate in this way to those who did not trust in what remains the fantastic Pilot that we could meet shortly after entering the new century.

We wish her good luck and we put all our hopes to return to stand at the head of the competition and of course enjoy the next few years the wheel of his brand new Renault.

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