Fernando Alonso Starts Stage
Fernando Alonso Starts Stage

A Patient Fernando Alonso, Starts Stage At McLaren-Honda

Fernando Alonso: The season of Formula 1 and weeks ago that it has come to an end, but the engines do not stop since the preseason is in march. The different teams, together with their drivers, start to move chips to make ready the cars with which they will participate next season.

Looking ahead to next year there are important changes and innovations for what makes the teams and one of the news that more covers has been hoarding over the last few weeks has been the Ferrari Fernando Alonso.

Ferrari Fernando Alonso

Ferrari Fernando Alonso

The Ferrari crisis has reached its highest point, after completing the first season since 1993 without a single victory, and probably having the best driver of the entire grid. During these seasons, it has become clear that the team has not been able to take advantage of the strengths of Alonso, who is leaving without having obtained a single title.

Another outstanding news is that next year, Honda will have a presence in Formula 1 again, being the manufacturer in charge of providing the engines to the McLaren team. Precisely Alonso returns to be protagonists in this news, since it will be one of the two drivers of the team.

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He Does Not Expect To Win From The First Moment

Fernando Alonso already told us a while ago that he would try to get at least another world title before retiring from Formula 1, and McLaren-Honda may offer it.

What was already clear is that the differences between the Spanish driver and the British team have been set aside, after that disastrous season. Now, a new cycle begins in which Alonso is shown mostly patient, warning us that he does not trust in a victory from the first race, and that the challenge will be to turn the team into a winner again.

The truth is that in recent seasons McLaren has suffered a downturn by what he does at his pace and has not fought for the title. However, the latter has left us a good taste with Magnussen and Button, two drivers who have gone from less to more and have managed to climb to the podium on more than one occasion.

Fernando Alonso offers to collaborate to improve from zero minute the team and take his car to the highest step of the podium, and is that the Spaniard takes too long without winning a race.

Button And Alonso, The Ideal Couple

In Ferrari, there have been disputes between Massa and Alonso and is that the Asturian did not have a teammate to match. This last season Raikkonen has returned to Ferrari but offering us his worst face and has not even lived up to being a good team mate.

However, Jenson Button is one of the drivers that has always got along well with Alonso and in fact, during the wonderful years of Red Bull, Alonso and Button always commented on the play together before proceeding to the start.

We will see if this year there is a good rapport between McLaren-Honda and his two drivers.

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