Red Bull For Active Suspensions

Ferrari Charge Against Mercedes And Red Bull For Active Suspensions

The Italians would have wanted to imitate this technique without success.

The first polemic of the season that already gave to speak earlier this month, has not yet been resolved in a consensual way. The legality of active suspensions remains in doubt for some of the teams.

Mercedes and Red Bull

Mercedes and Red Bull

Mercedes and Red Bull

Mercedes and Red Bull in their suspensions , and after the failed attempt of the Italian Scuderia to apply it to the SF-70H, it has wanted to take up letters in the matter making numerous formal papers to the FIA ​​questioning the legality Of the new active suspension system of its opponents.

This upgrade would allow for improved aerodynamic efficiency and chassis . In this way, in the slow curves, the car would achieve greater flexibility in the suspension arms, increasing the angle of rotation. In the lines would be more stuck to the asphalt, thus accelerating the flow of air to the diffuser, resulting in increased tip speed.

The FIA, for its part, has not yet adopted a clear position and has only been mentioned in a statement stating that the case would be investigated further. If the date of completion of the tests has arrived, Mercedes and Red Bull have not been properly investigated, Ferrari will again act formally, so that in the first Grand Prix of the year it will be checked if the only ones in charge of improving the grip of the car are The suspensions or if on the contrary, there is some illegal element that would give them advantage over the rest.

Ferrari was not the only one who would have tried to copy the controversial suspensions, McLaren could have managed to decipher the secret of the active suspension, says Matt Morris, chief technical of McLaren-Honda. He also argues that “such issues should be discussed in order to make the rules clearer in future seasons, and teams are clear that they are allowed to develop and that they are not .”

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