Formula 1 Car Racing Game

Formula 1 Car Racing

Anyone who is crazy about cars will be familiar with the Formula 1 or “F 1” car racing. It is indeed the highest racing sports in the world which runs under the rules and regulations of FIA (Federal Internationale de Aotomobile). The name formula is refers to the set of rules that must be followed by the participants of the race. F1 season is comprised of races which are generally named as Grand Prix which means “Great prizes” originated from French language. Racing tournaments are held out on the purposed built tracks and roads in all over the world. The results of races carried out in F1 are generally categorized using point system. The driver, organizers, construction team, road officials and different types of circuits must be licensed through FIA. Formula 1 license amongst the expensive licenses in the world.

Popularity of Formula One

Turkish Formula One Grand Prix: Race

Cars which participate in Formula 1 are the most expensive cars in the world. These cars are specially designed and equipped with fast engines that can attain speed up to 360km/h at the designated track. The maximum performance of the engine used in F1 car can limit up to 15000 RPM which is as fast as lightning. Cars are designed in such a way that they support the lateral acceleration in the corners. The overall performance of the cars depend upon the electronics, suspension, aerodynamics and skills of the driver.

Formula 1 or F1 is famous in European countries which are the basis of Formula 1. Europe hosts nearly more than half of the races that take place across different tournaments. By the time, the demand towards the sports has increased and now it is also watched and played in other continents of the world as well. On electronic media, F1 has a total of 425 million audience around the whole world which makes it one of the highly watched sports on the television.

Started in the Early 19’s the sports spread across the other parts of the world like a virus. Formula one group is holder of any type of commercial rights that are related to the sports. An initial F1 car takes nearly $120 to build up. Formula 1 has shown significant growth in economics and job creation in the countries where it is mostly played. Along with this the financial and political battles related to formula 1 are common on the TV screens in Europe. Formula 1 has high popularity and profile which has created a very balanced environment which has resulted in high investments and revenues for the constructors of the sport.

History of Formula 1

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Formula F1 sports originated in the early 19’s with the popular Grand prix Car Racing in 1906. Mostly people say that Formula 1 got its original shape somewhere in the 1920-30. Formulas are the important set of rules that must be met before you enter your car for racing. After the World War 2, Formula 1 was the new set of rules or formula made for the sports. In year 1946 first non-championship races were held in Europe. Before the World War 2 there were some set of rules organized by the Grand Prix Car racing organizing body, but due to conflicts among countries Championship was not given proper shape until the year 1947.

The first world racing championship of formula 1 was held in Silverstone in year 1950. In 1958 constructors championship was organized while in 1960 and 1970 national championships related to the F1 were the part of the countries like UK and South Africa. Besides the world championship, non championship events were also organized. In year 1983 non championship events were ended due to increased costs related to Formula one competition.

First world class championship race was won by the Giuseppe Farina from Italy in 1950. The first runner up of the championship was Manuel Fangio from Argentina. Manuel Fangio in 1951, 54, 55, 56 and 57 won the championship and made record in the history of Formula one for winning 5 world championship. Fangio’s record stayed there for 45 years until it was broken by German driver Michel Schumacher who won his sixth world championship in the year 2003. But Fangio on the other hand is still remembered as the “Grand Master of F1”

Cars in F1

In 1930 the most popular design related to F1 cars was from the Buggatti’s mid-ranged engines which proved to be efficient in the world championship in 1960 and 1966. Ferguson front engine car was introduced in world championship in 1961 which captured the attentions of most of the constructors in F1 sport.

First British F1 champion was Mike Hawthorn who won the world title in his Ferrari in 1958 championship. In 1962 Lotus introduced Aluminum body for cars for the first time. After the introduction of Mid-ranged cars this new advancement opened new gates for Formula 1 sport. Imperial Tobacco labels were painted on the bodies of car referring to the sponsorship. In late 1960’s introduction of aero foils gave rise to down-force aerodynamics structure. Later on in 1970 Lotus introduced the ground effect related to down-force aerodynamics which took the whole F1 sporting to a new level providing better corner speed.

Cars in F1 are usually mid-engine with open cockpit and single seat. The overall body is composed of carbon fiber which gives extra strength. The overall weight of the car including driver weighs nearly 692Kg which is according to rules and regulations set by FIA. Wings at the front and back of the car provide Aerodynamic down-force which helps cars to stick with the road while moving around in corners. Slick tires are mostly used in most of the F1 cars with double wishbone suspension at the front and back.

Grand Prix Event and Racing Strategy

Last year 2014 there were total of 9 Grand Prix events were held. Formula 1 Grand Prix event takes nearly one week. Grand Prix season starts with two free practices on Friday and one on Saturday. On Friday additional drivers run the car in the circuit. After the last practice session the racing order for Sunday is determined.

Race usually begins with the warm-lap in which all the cars assemble at the starting point according to the order they qualified for in the practice session. Warm lap gives sign to the drivers about the geography of the track as well as their cars. After the warm-up lap the actual race starts and first drivers to cross the finish line wins the race.

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