Formula 1 Race
Formula 1 Race

Formula 1 Race 2017 – You Would Love The New F1 To Be Like This

Formula 1 Race: Since the end of the 2016 Formula 1 season at the end of last November in Abu Dhabi, we do not stop thinking about how the 2017 F1 will be. We have seen many possible designs, but none as spectacular as these.

All fans of Formula 1 Race 2017 look forward, at this time, it is time to discover the canvas top Formula 1 Race before each presentation. The cars change due to changes in aerodynamics that have been made in the Technical Regulations , and that should cause the new Formula 1 Race are also very different, much more attractive.

Along with the new dimensions of the tires, wider both front and rear , the cars will be approximately three seconds faster.

Since the new rules for next season was approved have appeared different designs , but none as realistic as those made by Sean Bull Design . This designer has been commissioned to make an approximation of how it will look aerodynamics in F1 2017 and also has the -possible- colors and sponsors of each car in its design in order to give a touch more realism.The result, as you will see below, is spectacular.

How Long Has McLaren Not Win a Formula 1 Race?

McLaren Formula 1 Race

McLaren Formula 1 Race

How long has McLaren not win a Formula 1 race? More than four years and 78 races have passed since the last triumph of the team for which Fernando Alonso competes … will it put an end to this hard drought in 2017?

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In Formula 1 Race there are few teams that have been on the grill most of the history of the premier class. They are not those who come, leave, and return later. Ferrari, Williams or McLaren are examples of this and precisely these three are not currently at the best moment or, rather, are not in the fight for victory regularly, despite being the teams that have won most titles since the birth of The F1.

McLaren F1

McLaren F1

The most surprising case is that of McLaren. Despite having the best pilots, reputed technicians, and a good budget, they are going through the worst period of their history. While until 2012 McLaren struggled for the first three positions in the Constructors regularly in 2013 and 2014 fell to fifth place in the championship, surpassed by Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus and Ferrari. With the objective of reassembling the flight they joined with Honda in 2015 and since then things have been worse: they were ninth in the championship of 2015 and sixth in 2016.

In Mclaren , however, they did not give up and in 2017 expected to be among the top three. They are surpassing the fourth place of the World of Constructors, or what is the same, they hope to gain in track to equipment like Force India or Williams. The best example of improvement would win a race … do you know how long that McLaren has not won a Formula 1 race ?

The last win Mclaren in Formula 1 Race pilots got one that is no longer in F1, Jenson Button , in the distant Brazilian GP 2012. To give you an idea of the time doing that day Fernando Alonso – Ferrari dress – the championship was played with Sebastian Vettel. Neither Alonso’s second-place finisher nor Vettel’s spin on the start prevented Vettel from holding his third world title.

Button came second behind   his then teammate Lewis Hamilton, but the Briton had to leave by a mechanical problem and left the lead to Button, who would achieve that ultimately would be his last victory with McLaren and last victory in Formula 1 Race So far it’s also the last McLaren victory in the premier class; Four years later, in Woking they are still looking for a way to get back to the top.

Just over a year later, Mclaren rose last far the podium. It was at the Australian GP of 2014, where Kevin Magnussen was second and Button third. Since then, four fourth places of the British that same year have been the best results of the equipment.

By 2017 things must change. Mclaren is optimistic about his results and, a priori, believe that they will fight for some podiums and who knows if by victories. It will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the new season to see if those of Woking manage to end these 78 runs of drought.

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