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Formula 1 World Championship Keys

Formula 1 World Championship Keys: As this weekend begins a new edition of F1, in this article we will discuss the keys to the Formula 1 World Championship. The competition motor more excitement generated globally begins with the Grand Prix of Australia. Friday will be the free practice, which will continue on Saturday. Also on Saturday will be the classification and, since Sunday, will start the big show, putting up the official competition (remember that earlier, we published the calendar of World Formula January , so it would be a good idea to have a Look so you do not miss any of your various tests).

What Are The Keys To The Formula 1 World Championship?

Keys To The Formula 1

Keys To The Formula 1

What has so far allowed us to see the training sessions and preparation of drivers and teams is a continuist environment. The main question should be which of the two Mercedes drivers will get the title: the fourth for Lewis Hamilton or the first for Nico Rosberg. If the situation of the equipment is like the one of the last year, it would not be strange that from Mercedes they supported without aiming to the British pilot.

Meanwhile the other teams will try to get closer to Mercedes. Ferrari is still mired in its particular crisis, Red Bull engines are not far from the reliability of Mercedes and for Fernando Alonso and McLaren may be another year without penalty or glory due to the limitations of the Honda engine.

Fernando Alonso, Close To The Withdrawal If Everything Does Not Work

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Alonso has recently stated that if you do not get a competitive car in 2017 will retire from Formula 1. In his second year as McLaren Honda things do not look very good. Discarded and the fight for the title and even podiums, the goal of Fernando Alonso should be forever compete in the points and get the fifth or sixth place, fighting for it with the Manor, perhaps Sauber and Renault. Always have to trust the Asturian driver, since his debut in Formula 1, has demonstrated many times his quality driving a car and has been able to squeeze the maximum potential of his car. On the other hand, McLaren Honda remains one of the most important teams in the competition. Its capacity for progression is very high, and let’s not talk about its ability to invest in improvements. Without doubt, its progression will be one of the keys of the World-wide one of Formula 1 2016.

Ferrari, Insufficient Improvement

The test tests performed to date show a significant improvement of Ferrari compared to the end of last season. Their cars are faster, but they still can not cut the distance that separates them from Mercedes. You can only expect mistakes from Mercedes so that Ferrari can compete from you to you. We will see from Australia how close up is the Mercedes Ferrari.

On the other hand, Mercedes has dominated absolutely the last two championships: first and second in pilots with Hamilton and Rosberg, and world of constructors for the mark. That makes think in many circles that Ecclestone, the boss of Formula

1, may be interested in a new era. In Ferrari they have pilots (Vettel, Raikkonen), with history, with money and with capacity of attraction. The performance of this team becomes, therefore, another of the keys of the World-wide one of Formula 1 2016, especially at the time to make it more exciting for the spectator.

Incomplete Engine For Red Bull

Engine For Red Bull

Red Bull

Of course it is not the Red Bull engine that dominated for four years during the four championships Vettel, but it seems that Red Bull will be competitive this year. Although it has improved over last season, it is expected that from the second part of the season the changes will be an important step forward.

The Red Bull car is considered by many experts as the most effective of all, especially thanks to its chassis. The engine is a bit poor compared to other teams, but their pilots can achieve good results in those circuits that are more technical and where engine power is less important.

Transition season?

In 2017 there will be important developments in terms of rules. These will be made public, very soon, on April 30. That will mainly affect small teams, which will focus all the improvements on the design of the new car for the following year. From the Spanish Grand Prix, in mid-May, some cars will stop innovating, and if there is any news for this season, it will be insignificant.

Any surprises?

The usual thing would be that Mercedes, Ferrari and, if perhaps Red Bull, appropriated the top positions. But in Formula 1 there is also room for surprise. Many young drivers (or not so much) with mcho talent, like Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg or Daniel Ricciardo, surely want to leave their stamp on the championship.

On the other hand, there are veterans: Felipe Massa, Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso himself. They still have a lot to say. Many fans would like the riders to be fundamental again in the course of the championship and not to happen as in recent years. Can it be another key to the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship? Let’s hope so.

The new rating

Formula 1 has designed a new rating model that maintains the usual Q1, Q2 and Q3 but adds a system in which drivers will be eliminated every 90 seconds. The Q3 will last 16 minutes, and the slowest driver will be eliminated after seven minutes. From there, one will go every 90 seconds until 15 pilots remain. The same will happen in Q2: the first driver will be eliminated after six minutes. Eight drivers will arrive at Q3, which will last 14 minutes and the drivers will be eliminated after five minutes until only two riders are left on pole. If you have not understood, do not worry, some pilots and engineers have not done so and even Fernando Alonso himself has publicly complained. Whether the system works or not is another key to the 2016 Formula One World Championship. Because, if the second thing happens, who knows, maybe it will be changed in the middle of the season.

Renault’s return to Formula 1

Renault's return to Formula 1

Renault’s return to Formula 1

Renault returns as a team after years of absence. Obviously this year will not be the edition in which it can compete for the title, nor its colors will be the blue and yellow of the time of Fernando Alonso. But the goal of Renault itself is becoming a competitive team in a few years, insurance and aesthetics that surprises everyone. So, back to black yellow classic and with

those who were close to winning several championships between 70 and 80. This equipment may not be one of the keys to the Formula 1 World Championship 2016 but perhaps those of Years.


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