Fernando Alonso Test

Media Success Of The Fernando Alonso Test

Fernando Alonso: Neither in the most favorable forecasts would Indycar have imagined the impact that Fernando Alonso ‘s participation in the 500 miles of Indianapolis would take , let alone at this time of the month, when neither have begun preparations for the event of the year in the North American motorsport.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Alonso managed to focus on him and Indianapolis on Wednesday , making the Motorsport world aware of what he did, so much so that a surprised organization reported that retransmissions in different media had surpassed the million spectators, both , That the team of commentators who were only going to cover the first two hours extended their working day until Fernando Alonso finished the press conference.

A Patient Fernando Alonso, Starts Stage At McLaren-Honda

Although in principle it might seem outrageous that the Indycar relayed no less than eight hours of a private test with a single vehicle on track , finally can only qualify as a great success.

Hours before the start of the test, there were almost a thousand people waiting with the direct Youtube open. Minutes before 15:00, although it was known that first Marco Andretti would roll a few laps, there were already 5,000 people. When Fernando Alonso wrapped his helmet, the figure began to rise without stopping to surpass 80,000 people at the same time, communicating the Indycar that they had surpassed the million visits, but not only in Youtube, but had obtained the same effect Through Facebook and through other relay systems used by Indycar.

An unprecedented success that had its reaction in the press, where a test of only 110 turns and interrupted by the rain copied the websites of sports information. Undoubtedly, the Indycar is knowing how to take advantage of Fernando Alonso, while Formula 1 continues in an era of restrictions where something seems totally unfeasible.

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