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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher Takes a Year Of Struggle

Michael Schumacher is undoubtedly one of the great living legends of Formula 1. He spent his entire professional career risking his life in each Grand Prix, surpassing three hundred kilometers an hour with his car, so that after retiring he suffered a skiing accident that almost It costs his life.

Michael Schumacher Condition

Michael Schumacher Condition

Michael Schumacher

Precisely now is a year since the brutal accident of Schumacher that left him in a coma for a long time.The truth is that during the first months, the worst was feared but the pilot of Formula 1 managed to overcome the worst phase.

However, after a year of intense fighting, Schumacher remains in a somewhat critical state as it appears that his improvement is very slow, but with the passage of time is progressing. In fact, he has been in his house for some time with his wife and children.

A Very Slow Recovery

After the stirring accident of the German pilot, there has been little information about the state of Michael Schumacher, and is that by express wish of the family, it has been wanted to respect privacy at all times. In fact, the news has been falling in the form of eyedroppers and very little information has been drawn about it.

One of the real witnesses has informed us of the situation of the Kaiser, and is that one of his children has ensured that his recovery is very slow but is progressing, hoping that in a matter of time he will recover almost completely.

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On the other hand, Streiff, also a Formula 1 driver, maintains a close relationship with the family of Michael Schumacher and also assures that although for now the state of the German pilot is not very favorable, since he is in a wheelchair, paralyzed and With memory problems, estimates that in a maximum period of three years, it will have recovered.

Accident And Official Information – Formula 1

Accident Michael Schumacher

Accident Michael Schumacher

Many things have really happened since the accident to date and is that December 29, 2013 was when Michael Schumacher suffered an accident while skiing off the established track and severely hit his head with a rock.

He was in a coma until June, and thus six months after the accident, the Kaiser managed to emerge from the coma. In the same month of June he stole Schumacher’s medical file and also the possible thief who was arrested, committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. An event that surprised even the family of the Formula 1 driver.

Last September he moves to his home to continue with the recovery and is where he is now, together with his wife and children.

On the other hand has pointed to other information that has never been confirmed, such as the fact that his wife had sold the private jet of Schumacher for a value of 20 million euros, or that there were signatures that broke the contract sponsorship.

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