Nico Rosberg Formula 1
Nico Rosberg Formula 1

Nico Rosberg Revolutionizes Formula 1

German Nico Rosberg announced last Friday its final and firm withdrawal from Formula 1 . The news came just five days after he claimed championship title for the first time in his career, relieving team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who has also been his main rival this season.

German Nico Rosberg

German Nico Rosberg

German Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg was convinced of its decision and, in a video through your Facebook account, has announced that the reasons that led him to act in this way have been the sacrifice and the efforts they have both shown he and his family to achieve the objective of the Formula 1 championship .

The pressure experienced in the last months of the season, which has played the title head-to-head with the British Hamilton, has significantly influenced the measure of German. His next challenges are to be father and husband.

Nico Rosberg repeats what Alain Prost has already done

The measure taken by Nico Rosberg is rare in Formula 1 . That the current champion of Formula 1 retires just after winning the championship is not seen since the French took the title in 1993. It is true that Alain Prost made that decision after getting his fourth world title and with a trajectory In Formula 1 within the reach of very few riders.

The German does not have a track record as successful as the French, but becoming an F1 champion is an achievement only within reach of the best drivers in history. Some critics maintain that the measure of Nico Rosberg is a bit cowardly, maintain that not defending the title is not typical of the best drivers.

Who will make the free steering wheel of Mercedes

The sudden retirement of Nico Rosberg leaves an atmosphere of uncertainty that will be clearing throughout this month. The news has surprised both own and strangers, but it seems that the German had already taken it for some time. In the statement confirming his withdrawal, he said that knowing that it would be his last career allowed him to face it more calmly.

The question now is, who will take the wheel of Mercedes? Recall that Mercedes is currently the strongest team in Formula 1 , it has three consecutive years getting the two titles: drivers and constructors. Driving a Mercedes is a temptation for all the drivers of the circuit.

The option of a pilot with projection

Mercedes raised an important question to replace Nico Rosberg, does a pilot projection that does not involve much competition to Hamilton or top driver , a pilot and consolidated grill?

One of the most sensible choices is because Pascal Wehlrein be the official driver. It is a pilot house, DTM champion and with some experience in Formula 1. Currently, the pilot is agreeing with Sauber and Manor, but these developments can offer the opportunity to make a significant leap in his career. The major impediment to this possibility is that in 2017 new rules come into Formula 1. If there is no strong competition in Mercedes, the team can lose your domain.

Another option is to Valtteri Boots . The Finn has a contract with Williams, although he renewed reluctantly waiting for the call from one of the top teams . This may be the occasion. In Mercedes do not believe that there are many problems with Williams to release Bottas.

A renowned driver

renowned driver

Formula 1

Among the options most discussed are Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel or Checo Perez, although the possibility of Alonso sharing again with Hamilton is taking a lot of strength in recent days.

Alonso still has a year contract with McLaren-Honda . Fernando left Ferrari to embark on a new project that has not borne fruit, although it has progressed. The big question is how Alonso’s car will respond in the following season. Experts predict that McLaren will be able to fight for some podiums, but not fight for the championship, as it would in Mercedes.

If the signing is confirmed, situations like those experienced in 2007 and 2008 would be re-lived, and everything suggests that the British would again be favored by the team. Alonso only plans to sign for Mercedes at the moment if there is full guarantee of an equal treatment between both pilots.

Another driver that sounds hard is Max Verstappen . In Mercedes they tried to sign to Verstappen before it arrived at Toro Rosso. This option is more a wish than a possibility, because the Dutch, current Red Bull driver, and winless on the grid and all believe the team will be the most competitive in the next year.

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The Checo is one of those top drivers to also look favorably at Mercedes. It is a driver who progresses season after season and has already competed with a leading team, he did in McLaren. This season has been on the podium twice on a Force India, what could not do with a silver arrow?

Finally, another option, although less real possibilities, is the German Sebastian Vettel. The four-time champion does not have his best moment at Ferrari. His disagreements with his boss, Maurizio Arrivabene, are joined by his irregular results this season.

The big but this operation can come from the Mercedes itself, specifically since Hamilton, able to impose its law and prevent this take place. If it is Mercedes who decides that there are no two roosters in the chicken coop, Vettel and Alonso’s options may be ruled out.

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