Renault Delayed Introduction Of Its Main Engine Upgrade

Renault hopes to introduce the largest update of its power unit before the summer vacation, instead of taking it to the next Grand Prix of Canada, as originally planned.

Renault Engines

Renault Engines

Renault Engines

This is confirmed by Cyril Abiteboul, director of Renault Sport F1, who points out that the delay could be due to the lack of reliability of French motor, a problem that is frequently reproduced on the track and on the test bench.

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“We want to do it before the summer break. We want to continue synchronizing the integration of the power unit. It is something that is still working. We are touching some limitations, but we believe that the concept we have introduced this year is correct. There is innovation and performance. We need to have reliability under control; I have said it on many occasions. We know that there is something fragile in the system that we need to deal with. It is visible on the track and on the test bench. It is the same as Honda; the Reliability issues also affect us in our development program. We need to manage it, “says Auto sport.

Anyway, the French does not rule out being able to reach Ferrari and Mercedes, as he claims to have a plan to achieve it.

“I’m not lowering my ambition to close the gap with Mercedes and Ferrari, that’s still there. I’m not saying we’re going to be on par, but we have a plan for that” he says.

On the other hand, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen says that the latest news on the improvement of the Renault engine aimed at the GP of Azerbaijan, so we have to wait for what finally decides Renault.

“That’s the way things are, you cannot change anything. We need to make sure we have a good car and then we just have to wait for Baku” he concludes.

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