Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel: “I knew I Had To Pass Him At His Stop”

Sebastian Vettel gets the first race of the new era of Formula 1. The German who started second on the grid managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton at his stop, which was very atypical and came behind Verstappen, which allowed Ferrari to cut Seconds before making his own and getting ahead of the Brit.

Sebastian Vettel Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel Formula 1

“It was a fantastic Grand Prix, it was crazy positively when I went back to the pits and people on the track with Ferrari flags. The whole team worked very hard and the car has gone incredibly well. It’s a beautiful day” , Recognized Sebastian Vettel in the podium of Albert Park.

Germany explained its strategy before the Mercedes : “I think we figured out quickly realized we had pace to follow Lewis and after 10 or 12 laps he tried to squeeze and pull away I got a little, but I knew if nothing happened. Before the first stop, he would be there. I had to put them under pressure and pass him at his stop . “

The race in Australia shows that the tires are more consistent than previous years, “now you can push a lot more, especially in the last few laps. Last year you tightened but you were left without wheels, but now, although the tires drop slightly , Are still almost at the same point. It is easy to go fast, especially with the harder wheels, which just fall, ” explained Ferrari.

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