Substitutes For Nico Rosberg
Substitutes For Nico Rosberg

Substitutes For Nico Rosberg – Nico Rosberg In Mercedes

Substitutes For Nico Rosberg: We get to work and make a list of possible substitutes for Nico Rosberg in Mercedes with the drivers who are most likely to take a place in the German team, alongside Lewis Hamilton … Fernando Alonso? Sebastian Vettel? Pascal Wehrlein? These are your options.

This is the list of possible replacements for Nico Rosberg in the 2017 season of Formula 1. Toto Wolff , Niki Lauda and the leadership of Mercedes and are analyzing the names of the pilots who may have opportunities to compete for Mercedes next season.

Both Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff, non – executive and head of Mercedes Motorsport Director respectively, have said in recent hours that much of the current grid pilots have contacted them to offer to compete in Mercedes . It is normal if we consider that the German team has dominated the last three world championships and threatens to continue to do so in the coming seasons, despite changes in the regulations.

Wolff has said that the whole grid has contacted Mercedes , except Daniil Kvyat and Kimi Raikkonen . The representatives of the other pilots have probed the situation of Mercedes and have shown interest in negotiations. Pastor Maldonado , out of F1 since this last season has been one of the pilots who have volunteered to run the champion team.

Although, if you think about what you want Mercedes , a fast, competitive and able to keep getting doublets pilot, we see that not all pilots are aspiring to share team with Lewis Hamilton … will again put two ‘roosters’ in the same corral? Will they look for a top rider to serve as team leader if Hamilton leaves? Will you bet on a young man? These are the clues given Wolff.

“We have three possible paths to follow. The first is to have a driver number 1 and a driver number 2, a bit like in the Ferrari era with Schumacher and Massa, with a driver who guarantees points for the constructors’ championship. The second is to give our young drivers an opportunity, Ocon or Wehrlein, as others have given to Verstappen or Vandoorne. The third possibility is to go to the market in search of a first class pilot , “he explained, as

Substitutes For Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

  1. Fernando Alonso       

The Spaniard is the candidate that everyone speaks . Follow your top level and look for a third title before thinking about other competitions. In McLaren they see it very difficult to be fighting for the championship next year and do not forget that Toto Wolff, a few months ago, said that if Rosberg did not renew for Mercedes, Alonso would be a serious candidate to replace him … Now it depends on what they want Alonso, Mercedes and McLaren let him escape.

  1. Valtteri Bottas

The Finn is a fast driver, as demonstrated in recent years in Williams, and is also his manager Toto Wolff , head of Mercedes team. However, we do not know if it meets all the conditions of the “job offer”, since we do not know if it would be a good leader of a team like Mercedes.

  1. Sebastian Vettel

The four-time world champion is in a tough moment of his sporting career, as he competes for a Ferrari team that, despite the improvement experienced in 2015 and his two victories, does not lift his head if he manages to finish surpassing Red Bull or approaching Mercedes. Fighting again for a title seems a Utopia to this day in Maranello. All this has affected a Vettel that we have seen last season complaining over and over again on radio over the maneuvers of the rest of his teammates and who has struggled to overcome a Kimi Räikkönen in his best moment of form.

  1. Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal should be the logical choice to take the seat of Nico Rosberg. Mercedes-protected driver with no contract yet signed and DTM champion 2015. Despite all this, the German team are not entirely sure that is the best option. He’s too young, he lacks experience to make the jump to a team with a chance to win a championship and last year starred in some actions in the Manor team that would not let him in good stead, as when he disobeyed orders from his engineer after a Runway exit in Austin.

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  1. Max Verstappen

Mercedes’ interest in Max Verstappen has never been a secret … but in the past, Red Bull has already made an unbeatable offer to the Dutch: take him to Formula 1. At 17, made him debut in Toro Rosso and Mercedes stayed Without the young talent. Now, Wolff and his team could try to recruit Verstappen … but given that their contract with Red Bull must be armored, it seems unlikely.

  1. Carlos Sainz

Fast, talented, team man, young and with two years of experience in Formula 1 … Carlos Sainz can also be a candidate to take into account in the race for a seat in Mercedes. Months ago he had to reject a seat at Renault, and now he could have an irreproachable possibility.

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