The German GP, In Doubt Beyond 2018

The Hockenheim circuit does not ensure that they can continue to host Formula 1 beyond their agreement for 2018. Due to the problems of the Nurburgring, Germany does not have a Grand Prix on the schedule this season, although Hockenheim agreed to host the face test To 2018.

German GP

However, the race’s director, Georg Seiler, has assured that he does not guarantee that F1 can continue in its circuit from 2019.

“We are not going to agree on a contract for the future that involves risks. From an economic point of view, we have to accept the losses of F1, which has had a significant impact on our results in recent years. Of subsidy from the region, country, federation or any other person, unlike almost any other racing circuit, “he told the German news agency DPA.

Thus, Seiler argues that, since 2019, the Nurburgring should take the commitment to host the F1 GP and, in 2020, Hockenheim would do the same, following the rule stipulated previously.

“To me it is clear. We have a contract for next year, but not beyond. If we follow the previous rule in 2019 should address Nurburgring and we, again in 2020. But only if the contract is set. If the basic conditions Do not change, the future of F1 in Germany is at risk, “he explains.

Anyway, he hopes that Liberty Media will do everything possible so that one of the main markets of the F1 does not run out of a race.

“If we can avoid it it would be good, but if there is no F1, so be it.” However, I hope and believe that the new owners have an interest in making a GP in Germany. Circuit is, “he concludes.

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