Top Ten Best Formula 1 Races of All Time

Top Ten Best Formula 1 Races

Formula 1 is among those sports which are known from centuries. Through the start of this sports top and best drivers emerged in the formula 1, who made their names in the history.

From the beginning more than 850 races held all over the world till now. Out of those races we will discuss with you top ten best formula 1 races. So we have chosen some of the best races which were the most exciting in the history of formula 1.

1.      2012 Brazilian Grand Prix


In our list of top ten Formula 1 races, the last race of the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix event stands at the first place. Famous Ferrari team player Fernando Alonso was trailed by his opponent Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull team from a lead of 13 points. In the beginning, Alonso made a very impressive start while his opponent was at the seventh place. Alonso own, was at the 5th position while Hamilton took the Pole position. During this Vettel’s Car was hit with Bruno Sinna and in the meantime Alonso’s partner Massa helped him taking the lead from Weber making him stick to the third place.

Soon after rain started hitting the track and Vettel and other drivers have to shift to wet tires. After sometime Vettel was placed at the fifth and Alonso at the fourth place and soon Massa took over Vettel and he further moved down. As Hulkerberg and Hamilton cars collided, Alonso got the chance and moved on to the second place.Vettel was at the seventh place and soon out of nowhere he managed to take the lead, and crossed the finishing line and became the champion. How it happened seems to be a magic.

2.      Grand Prix Japan 2005


In our second place stands the race which was held in the Suzuka Circuit at Japanese Grand Prix 2005. During this race Alonso and Kimmi Raikkonen drove all the way to the finish line making it one of the best races in the history. One of the thrilling moments of race was when Raikkonen crossed Fisichella in the final laps which was praised by lots of fans around the world.

In the qualifying round Schumacher took the pole position taking advantage of the wet conditions. Alonso was at 16th place and Raikkonen was at the 17th place. Later on, it was sunny Schumacher who made an impressive start taking lead while Alonso was taking different positions. Schumacher was taken over by Fisichella and Alonso was placed behind them. Raikkonen and Schumacher struggled with each other and took Alonso. Soon Raikkonen trailed Schumacher and secure 4th position. Now Raikkonen was in pursuit with Weber and Button. Soon Alonso passed Schumacher and Fisichella gaining good lead over Button. Raikkonen passed Weber and Button and came close enough to Fisichella. In the final moments Raikkonen took advantage of a corner and passed Fisichella to win the race.

3.      Grand Prix Japan 1998


One of the amazing race in the history of Japanese Grand Prix was at the famous Suzuka Circuit, due to the extra ordinary driving skills of AyrtonSenna and Alain Prost who gave very joyful experience to the fans. Senna was the winning player of this event when in the 27th lap he struggled hard with Prost’s McLaren for a couple of times. During the struggle Prost’s car was outrun by Andrea and Senna somehow managed to win the race.

4.      Grand Prix Brazil 2008


Brazilian Grand Prix 2008 was the event during which furious race battle took place between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Malsa. Lewis Hamilton took 7 points lead over the Malsa. During the event Malsa had the pole position while Hamilton was at the 4th place. During the entire race, Hamilton and Vettel Struggled with each other to take the lead and soon he managed and took over the Malsa and won the race.

5.      2004 European Grand Prix


2004 European Grand Prix Witnessed one of the best races of all time when Michael Schumacher won at the final stages of the race struggling and giving tough time to the opponents.

6.      Italian Grand Prix 2014


One of the best races of all time was witnessed by millions of fans was the Italian Grand Prix in 2014. Lewis Hamilton Got the pole position and his opponent NicoRosberg stayed at the second position.

7.      2009 Spanish Grand Prix


2009 Grand Prix witnessed one of the best races of all time when English Player Jenson Button struggled with Alonso, Malsa and NiccoRosberg and won the race claiming 4th victory of the season.

8.      2001 Australian Grand Prix


2001 Australian Grand Prix is one of the events you must watch, which features one of the best races of all time when Schumacher won the race by beating his Brazilian Opponent Rubbens.

9.      2006 Spanish Grand Prix


2006 Spanish Grand Prix season give birth to one of the best races in the history of formula 1 in which Alonso, Schumacher and Fisichella struggled with each other and Alonso won the race.

10.    Grand Prix France 1965


French Grand Prix 1965 was held at the Clermont-Ferrand circuit. Jim Clark won the race With his lotus 25, it was the last time when he was participating in Grand Prix.

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