Rules Of F1 2017
Rules Of F1 2017

The Video That Will Help You Understand The Rules Of F1 2017

Rules Of F1 2017: Formula 1 changes the next season and the cars, will be very different from the current ones. Its visual aspect will be more aggressive and more attractive to followers. This video will help you understand the rules of F1 2017 … do not miss it!

The Formula 1 enters a new era from next season. The change should make the category reina popular among the more general public, but it is also a real headache for those who try to understand all the modifications that have been made in the technical regulation.

This video made by Channel 4, one of the channels that broadcast the Formula 1 in the UK, will help you understand the rules of F1 2017 and all the changes that this entails. The changes will cause cars to see wider , more spectacular and faster. All this will make them more attractive visually speaking and, therefore, the viewers will like more.

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As explained in the video, we will see a wider chassis. To this must be added that the rear spoiler will also be wider, just like the tires, which have already been tested in different circuits in the world. In short, the look of the cars remind us of the F1 two decades. All these changes will make the cars are between three and five seconds faster.

Engines, V6 hybrid since 2014, will not change next year , but manufacturers can develop freely throughout the season.

The goal of this regulatory change is to make cars attractive again for the spectators and also reduce the difference that now exists between teams … in just over three months we will see if they get it!

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