Williams Is Beaten By Red Bull At The Charts

At the Russian Grand Prix came the change. The Williams team escaped ‘the victory’ in the classification of the tire change faster. After three races in which the British team had no rival, the alternative has arrived with a stratospheric tire change of Max Verstappen and Red Bull, timed in 2.33 seconds, three hundredths faster than Mercedes with the winner of the Career, Valtteri Bottas.

Williams Is Beaten By Red Bull

Although Felipe Massa made two stops for the only one of the rest of the grid, the Brazilian did not manage to stand out, being even surpassed by his teammate, Lance Stroll, with a stop of 2.54 seconds. Repeated good performance Toro Rosso , who with Carlos Sainz fighting Kevin Magnussen, took a 2.64 second stop, enough to be fourth.

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Fifth position for the previously mentioned Felipe Massa with a time of 2.68 seconds, slightly better than the 2.76 of Daniil kvyat and 2.79 of Stoffel Vandoorne. In the top 10 Ferrari team, with Kimi Raikkonen and a stop of 3.06 seconds appears in the top. Absent in the standings, the team Sauber, Haas and Renault.

In fact, neither Sauber nor Renault have appeared in qualifying in these first four races of the season . A classification widely led by Williamas with 121 points for the 77 of Red Bull, the 42 of Ferrari and the 8 of McLaren.




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