Best ever Bobby Orr’s Historical Goal

Bobby Orr’s Best Goal

Bobby Orr was a legendary player of twentieth century, and still in memory of the people due to his historical performances, goals, records and achievements in Ice hockey. He was the first player that was appreciated by standing ovation for more than ten minutes on the spot by the spectators. That means, he was really loved by the public.

Bobby was a Canadian national, and represented Boston Bruins in NHL for a period of ten season. That duration was period of success and achievements for the Bostons.

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He has records of most assists by a player and most points earned in history. Basically he was a defenseman, which has revolutionized the player placing in the game. Particularly, he was the first defenseman to have a record of league scoring title.

Winning Goal In 1970 Stanley Cup:1234556

Bobby Orr put his best in all games he played. But, his performances in all Stanley Cup was brilliant and worth discussion still after more than five decades.

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Final of 1970 was of particular importance because of Bobby Orr’s stunning performance which add to the overall team’s performance. This lead to the winning of Boston Bruins by 4-0 in Glenn hall.

It was Boston Bruin’s first entry in the event. This team won number of games and finally contested against St. Louis Blues.

Scenario Of Winning Goal:

Bobby Orr won over the heart of nation by impressive piece of show, at the very ending of time. It was overtime play and clocks were ticking over forty seconds. Derek Sanderson assisted the goal, by a tremendous pass that give rise to a winning goal by the Bobby Orr at the moment.

As he was enjoying over the victory, one of the defenseman of opponent struck him so badly that was just tripped off. This was the great historical caption shown in the image there.goal

Video Of Historical Goal By Bobby Orr In Stanley Cup:

Here watch the video of winning goal which make Bobby Orr a player of prime fame and honor. Dodging, skating, and with the best uses of tricks he get hold of the ball and take it to the opponent goal side. In order to have a perfect place to goal. He passed the ball toward other mate, hoping to get best hold of ball at right time. As it was overtime that’s why, this crucial time don’t let one think too much, and rather one have to make the strategies right at moment.

Finally at the 40th second counted in over time, a wonderful pass was assisted by Derek Sanderson. Bobby Orr strike the goal with the best use of stick to trick the goalie and thus puck struck to the net. That was the victorious moment for the whole team.

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Other Achievements and Records By Orr :

Three Hat Tricks by a defenseman.

Eight time NHL All star.

Art Ross Trophy winner for two time.

NHL All-star MVP for the year 1972.

Winner of Stanley cup of 1970 & 1972.

Three time awarded with Hart Memorial Trophy.

Reported as sportsman of the year In 1970.

Final words:

Despite of his retirement, he is still a source of motivation and achievements for the new players in the field of ice hockey. He developed new tricks to place the players, dodge the goalie and assist other in making a victory of the game.




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