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The year 2017, in my opinion, had the Olympic Winter Games as a central event, relegating the importance of the Stanley Cup to good effect. Clarified the criterion of evaluation, below the post is the section of comments to leave pitheads and threats. Thank you, come back soon (?)

Especially Mention Teemu Selanne

Including Selanne within the ranking would not have been fair with the ten listed here but obviate it in a summary of the year would not have been fair with the wonderful 8 Finns. In the year of his retirement he played a good season in the NHL but his highest point was the tournament in Sochi. On Russian soil, Selanne scored 6 points in 6 matches and 4 assists and 2 assists. He was an undisputed leader on the field and had his pinnacle in the tournament for the bronze medal in which he scored two goals and Suomi’s lion crushed the American team. From here we congratulate the eternal Teemu and we are very happy for his career and his last game, I say partidazo.

Those who stayed out because I have no heart and did not want to stretch the ranking to fifteen, are: Semyon Varlamov, Jeff Carter, Ryan Getzlaf, Henrik Lundqvist and Tuukka Rask.

Ice Hockey Players

10) Erik Karlsson


The current Senators captain had a good year, especially at the Sochi Olympics, where he finished in the ideal team and scored a good number of goals (4 goals and 4 assists in 6 games). He has a more prominent role in the Swedish national team, not to mention his presence in Ottawa, where he was named captain after the departures of Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza. The small spot to his year lies in not having played the playoffs of the Stanley Cup.

9) Nathan Mackinnon

The Colorado youth had an exceptional season, not without being drafted first in the 2013 draft. He was a Calder Trophy winner for the season’s best rookie and broke Wayne Gretzky’s record for most consecutive games by scoring points for A rookie. It is the representative in the ranking of the surprise of the season that were the Avalanche, directed by Patrick Roy.

8) Niklas Kronwall

Best ice hockey player

Kronwall in the n ° 8? Yes sir. If Davor can fill all the rankings with Celtics players, I can do it with Red Wings players. The Kronwall case has its main point of support in its work as the leader of two campuses plagued by key and unfortunate injuries: Detroit and the Sweden Selection (those who share a considerable number of players). In the Olympic games had to assume the role of captain, after the injury that took to Henrik Zetterberg of the match. He had a very important tournament, allowing Erik Karlsson to score in powerplay and consolidating the defensive pair with Jonathan Ericsson – his companion in the Red Wings.

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In Detroit he had the complex task of leading a team injured by injuries (he has a record number of games / man lost in a season due to injuries). Zetterberg’s long absences – also captain of Detroit – and Pavel Datsyuk – the other A of the squad – led him to lead the team in points and in time on court; Allowing not only to fire their young teammates but also to classify the Red Wings to the playoffs.

7) Duncan Keith

What about “2” that has not been said before? The Blackhawks defender completed yet another high-level season, won the Sochi gold medal, won the Norris Trophy to the season’s best defender and was a constant guarantee for Chicago. If it is not in higher positions it is because we are accustomed to seeing it at the elite level.

6) Sidney Crosby

Possibly being unfair to the best player in the world; But as happened with LeBron James in the NBA post, there is a similar scenario. Crosby was awarded the Hart Trophy to the most valuable player of the season and won a gold medal in Sochi. However, at the beginning of the season such goals were reasonable goals for the No. 87; Resulting in the problem to place him in a higher position, the work of his team in the last playoffs.

5) Patrice Bergeron

Best ice hockey player

The high that fixes the rod the center of the Bruins is such that managed to defer to excellent players like Toews and Kopitar in the vote for the Selke Trophy to the best defensive striker. Bergeron had a huge season, which moved to the Olympic, what is icing in hockey? For the Canadian team to retain the gold medal conquered in Vancouver 2010. The weak point of the season Bergeron comes by the bruins quick exit of the Canadiens in the playoffs .

4) Anze Kopitar

The Slovenian striker was a finalist for the Selke Trophy and managed to give himself the privilege of playing for the first time in the history of his country in an Olympic game – creating an interesting participation. As indicated above, the winner of the Selke was Bergeron but Kopitar is placed above him because he won the Stanley Cup with the Kings, again.

3) Jonathan Toews

The podium begins with one of those players who not only mark a season in the league but redefine the trajectory of a team for decades. The Blackhawks captain is one of those players that I would love to have on my team, even to play another sport or to work in an office; Is not only complete on the pitch but also influences the team and club that is in the same line of leadership as they had – I stand – Steve Yzerman and Nicklas Lidstrom. As for the year of “Captain Serious”, he was very good with the Blackhawks reaching the conference final – Chicago was eliminated in the seventh game with the later champions, Los Angeles Kings – and is currently having very outstanding performances, as usual In it, in the current season.

Undoubtedly the highest point of his season was the gold medal in Sochi: he played a major tournament, agreed to have a less leading role in cartel on a star-studded campus and gave six master classes on what he has to do A two-way forward on the entire track. Ah, a detail that makes it honor to his excellent tournament: in the final was who made the first goal, which would turn out to be the game winning goal.

2) Drew Doughty

Drew doughty is best ice hockey player. Taking into consideration the last two winter Olympic Games, Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014, it has become a habit that Doughty figures quite high in the rankings of the best players of such years. In 2014 he had a very high level, which allowed him to hang the gold medal, for second consecutive Olympic game, and to raise the Stanley Cup.

Beyond the importance of repeating the most important trophy at the club level, in my opinion – possibly influenced by my footballing prejudices and the devotion of European players to their selections – the most relevant competition of the year was the Winter Olympics. In that tournament the presence of Doughty was key in bringing to the Canadian selection to another gold medal: it played a first superlative round and in each of the eliminatory crosses it had very good parties. The defensive pair that formed with Marc-Eduard Vlasic was a pleasant surprise – all credit of the Canadian trainer Mike Babcock -, allowing him to take more offensive roles from the blue line, managing to score four goals in the tournament.

Having won the two tournaments and that plus of performance when the Canadian team was questioned, they place it above Toews on this list.

1) Mike Babcock

Is the best ice hockey player a technical director? Manteca, are you in fart? Do you want to know why I put Mike Babcock in the No. 1 spot? BECAUSE I CAN.

The alma mater of the Canadian machine of 2010 and 2014 is this gentleman who has consolidated a team full of stars and future members of the hall of fame. He managed to convince a whole team to adopt a style of play and play for and for that. Sidney Crosby made a discreet tournament in terms of numbers but at all times maintained the conviction that the function that was developing was the most convenient to win – a small gesture that graphs enough the cohesion generated in the squad occurred when Crosby was designated captain of the selection. The Penguins center called to Toews, the other more likely to be captain, to ask if he gave his “blessing” to bring the “C” -.

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