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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Game And Information

Ice Hockey Game: Ice hockey is a sport that works by means of the equipment modality, and unlike grass hockey or grass in which it is played with 11 players per team, in ice it decreases a lot the number since there are only 6 players who Integrate the team (not counting the substitutes). Has the modality that the team that scores more goals at the end of the time determined by the judge or referee of the party is who wins. This sport also differs from other variants, since in this one requires a great physical structure, and is that although it is a sport with rules, it is possible to make a kind of rough contact to get the disc to the opponent player. Due to the blows that usually affect players, it is that they wear a very protective clothing, from the feet to the head.

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Ice Hockey History

Ice Hockey History

Ice Hockey History

In Canada Ice Hockey Game is considered their national sport, even by over others like football. And it is precisely in Canada where the sport was invented. This sport, once it began to be practiced for the first time, did not take long to expand throughout Canada. Due to this popularity that was increasing along with its followers, was that the city of Montreal decided to organize a tournament in this sport, which was realized in a winter fair of said city. The team that benefited by winning this first ice hockey championship was McGill University.

The hockey is a sport whose popularity has increased to a greater extent over the last decades. Although in most of the world the version on turf is probably the most recognized, Ice Hockey Game is an interesting alternative that has begun to spread beyond the nations in which this activity is a true classic.

This variant what is icing in hockey is played on special skates, ready to discoursing on the icy surface. Players use a wooden stick with a curved end, although this form of the sport are even allowed contact noggin ( pucks , in the jargon of the activity) feet, although the goals are not valid if realized thus. In addition, the regulation does not prevent the player from touching the disc with the open hand as long as it is in the air and the goal is to return it to the level of the pitch.

Unlike hockey on grass, in which the goalkeeper is equal ten field players, the way ice includes not only the goalkeeper, but also five companions, of which two are in the defense, two involved as Eaves and the remainder is central. Anyway, it is possible to make an indefinite amount of changes, in the context of the great intensity of this athletic activity.

The Ice Hockey Game due to the large amount of friction and shock, has earned an undeserved reputation for violent sport. Usually, it only transcends as news when fights occur between both sets, in which sometimes even the intervention of the referee is difficult. However, it is a beautiful sport that deserves better consideration for the general public.

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