Ice Hockey Heroes

 Ice Hockey Heroes

Ice hockey is one of the favourite sports in Canada and USA, who produced best players of ice hockey. In past many players emerged, some of them are renowned in the history while others just vanished with the speed they came at the big screen. We will discuss here the best ice hockey players of all time. Though there are many players but we will only discuss here what we say “Cream” of NHL. After research we enlist for you the top Ice hockey Players in the world.

1.      Sidney Crosby


Sidney Crosby is the captain of Pittsburgh Penguin. Sidney Crosby is one of the well known legends of the game. Sidney won the last season MVP award, and scoring championship by earning 17 points. Sidney Crosby stands at the top position in our list.

2.  Drew Doughty


Drew is defence man of Los Angeles kings. Drew was the best Olympic player of 2014. In the NHL season 2011 and 2012, Drew made his team able to win Stanley Cup twice. When we are talking about defence in ice hockey, then surely no one can replace Drew Doughty.

3.  Steven Stamkos


Steven is a core player and Captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was the first overall in 2008 NHL Entry Draught from Tampa’s side. He was out of the game in year 2013, but started again in 2014 and managed to score 210 in previous five seasons of NHL.

4.      Anze Kopitar


Anze is among the best NHL players in the world. Anze was the most popular NHL player in 2007 and 2011. In the same year 2007, he was given Mark Bavis Memorial Award on his outstanding performance. Anze Kopitar was nominated as the best defensive player in the year 2011 and 2013. In 2014, he also achieve leading scorer award for his team. Anze belongs to Los Angeles Kings.

5.      Mark Messier


Mark is the winner of Six Stanley cups in his NHL career. Mark was the only player, who was the captain of two teams at a time, the Rangers and the Oilers. He was famous by the name of “Moose” due to his strength and defensive skills.

6.      Shea Weber


Shea is the captain of Nashville Predators and is the leading scorer in NHL so far. Shea was awarded gold medal in winter Olympics in 2000 and 2014. Weber has spent most of his NHL Career with Predators. He represented Canada in most international championship events. In the year 2005, he won junior ice hockey championship gold medal and in the year 2007, he won Ice hockey championship Gold medal.

It was the list of the world’s top ice hockey players. We know that there are many players, who deserve a place in this list, but these are the top few ice hockey players. with the passage of time may be some other players acquired place in the list of top ice hockey players.

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