Ice Hockey World Cup

Ice Hockey World Cup 2016 – World Hockey Championships

Ice Hockey World Cup returns, if it can be called after the “fudge” that the NHL proposes for September 2016, when it is scheduled to play this competition which has been held for 12 years. Imagine that in the next soccer world, along with the lifelong selections of this ball and shoes with nails and others, include two All Stars selections of teams that do not participate in it, So will the next Ice Hockey world cup world championship. It sounds like fudge, interest, publicity, innovate or you’ll know. It must be recognized that this will mean that players of other nationalities playing this game will be able to compete in this competition, which, if this rule is not included, would never have had the opportunity.

World Hockey Championships

World Hockey Championships

Icing Hockey

If all goes correctly in September 2016 at the Air Canada Center, home of the Toronto Mapel Leafs, Russia, Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada and the Czech Republic with both teams All Stars, one which already it is on paper with Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Latvia, will play the Ice Hockey World Cup.

Gary Bettman , NHL commissioner, spoke about the future of this competition and the economic impact involved with profits of about $ 100 million, which would be divided among NHL teams and would not count toward the salary cap. On the site, Bettman commented on the options they handled and finally opted for Canada and Air Canada as host but does not rule out that in other editions could be expanded to cities around the world. “It’s a great opportunity for hockey. All the North American sports united to our players, have a great tradition and history and we know that internationally there are many Icing hockey players of other countries playing in our sports and we give faith of the important thing that in the hockey would be that many of them could represent to their countries ” .

This will be the third edition to be played under the name of Ice Hockey World Cup. 1996 and 2004 were the first editions with victories of the USA and Canada respectively. Before the call Canada Cup was the pioneer in this type of competition and predecessor. 1976 was the first official appearance and alternating between three and five years, they played a total of five tournaments, winning Canada the first four and Soviet Union the last edition disputed in 1981.

He was fortunate to have an extremely talented generation in all its lines and transformed it into a winning machine. He finished the tournament with 17 goals in favor and 3 against in six games. The work of defensive pair was simply impeccable and convinced all the lines of forwards that worked throughout the game and that the five players on track would function as a unit.

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Now, the great season of the Canadian technician was not limited to six parties in Russian territory. Throughout the season he had to deal with a gale of injury in the Red Wings – they set a new record of lost games for players because of injury – which led him to raise a huge number of players since The Grand Rapids Griffins (made nine players debut). Despite this, he managed to classify the team again to the playoffs and allowed him to inculcate the game system to a large number of youths who today are being the support of the first team of Detroit, avoiding in such a way to incur reconstruction processes that have The risk of being extremely traumatic like that of Edmonton and Buffalo.

To accurately measure the importance of Ballcock in the league, it should be noted that he is in his last year of contract with the Red Wings and although everyone in Detroit wants to renew him, of the other 29 teams, 26 will change to his Technician for him without hesitation, even some would offer him astronomical sums and be also GM; Which puts things in perspective.

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