ice hockey champ 2015

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2015

Ice Hockey World Championship 2015

International Ice hockey federation organizes events for different types of competitions among the teams from all over the world. It is 79-th event by IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), which will start from first of May 2015 and will last for seventeen days. This is an annual event that is being organized since 1920. The final result of this event will also affect qualification of teams in future events like 2016 Ice hockey and 2018 Olympic (winter).

Every event and championship of ice hockey is hosted by different countries and nation. While this time for 2015 championship. Czech Republic is lucky to host this ice hockey event. Two venues have been chosen within Czech Republic. One is Prague and other is Ostrava. Czech won its bid to host championship in May of 2010.

Format and Groups of Teams:

Above listed 16 teams are placed in two groups, named Group-A & Group-B. Each group contains 8 teams. These eight teams in each group will play according to schedule and format. Top four from each group will go for quarter final. And same procedure will be further carry out to the semifinal, bronze final and event final.

Duration Of “Overtime” In Ice Hockey world champ-2015

shootout at championship

There is a little bit change in “overtime” rules for current event. This extra or overtime is also some time called as Tiebreaker. During gameplay of the group matches, extra or overtime will last for 5 minutes. If one of the team scored a goal within first 3 minutes then game will be continue for remaining duration of two minutes. While, in other case, if team goals are equal in first three minutes, then referee will whistle for SHOOTOUTS. Besides, in quarter, semi and bronze-final, this duration of overtime will be of 10 minutes. Whereas, it will be 20 minutes for final of the event.

What if score is still level? In this situation, shootout will be played. Each team has a chance of three game winning shots. If result remained same, then each team will be given further chances of one on one shoot out, until the game come to its end.

Points Awarding System for Winning Teams:

1-Three points will be given to winning team.

2-One points will be given to each team, if gameplay tied during regular time duration.

3-One point will be awarded to the team, which will win during overtime or shootout.

4-Zero, definitely for the team who will loss the match within regular time duration.

5-If one of the team refuse shootout, then that team will be considered as loser, giving them zero points. Or there may a situation arise in the game, when one player refuse to shootout. In this situation, there will be no chance given again to shoot.

Qualified Teams For Ice Hockey Championship 2015:

There are sixteen teams taking part in this championship. Here is the list of participant countries.
















16-Czech Republic

These teams have qualified due to their good performances in the past, which lead them to participate in this Ice hockey event. First 13 teams qualified due to their ranking in IIHF. While next two of them that are Austria and Slovenia have qualified due to 2014 IIHF word championship division. And last one Czech Republic, being the host automatically qualified for this event.

World Wide Rankings:

Final world ranking for first four teams will depend on awards like gold & bronze medal. While these medals and awards will be given to teams according to their individual performance in the championship.While other teams below to four, will be rank according to their points, seeding number, goals and position in the group.

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