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In 1996, Tissot partners with the International Ice Hockey Federation, a discipline that not only offers hours of excitement and suspense when teams fight on ice in a game of skill, control and agility, but also shows the roots of Mark, given that ice hockey is one of the great sports in Switzerland. Tissot also sponsors the Swiss national team at the local level and becomes the sponsor of the national team of Russia, World Champion, internationally.

Ice Hockey Rules – Timing In Ice Hockey

Timing In Ice Hockey

Icing Hockey

Hockey is one of the fastest sports in the world, with thrilling action from start to finish. Tissot has the honor of being the official timekeeper of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship since 1996. The watch company is responsible for the timing and score services of the competition thanks to its extensive experience in top-level sporting events and offers all the Updated information on statistics, points and times for amateurs, press and coaches.

However, in hockey the management of timing and punctuation is not limited to counting seconds and points. Analyzes and statistics have become extremely important in today’s game. Tissot has developed, in collaboration with another company of Swatch Group, Swiss Timing, several complex systems based on the most avant-garde technology so that trainers, media and spectators can analyze the actions and enjoy ice hockey more than ever. Tissot thus provides times, scores and statistical information that can be accessed in seconds from home, through the television or the internet, and from the stadium: a perfect way to promote this sport to the highest level and internationally.

General data, such as names of teams, players and referees, are entered in the computerized database before the initial whistle. From the first second of the game, professional observers capture all relevant actions of each player on each team, using a special interactive data entry system. The key statistics of the match, such as goals, passes, penalties and penalty times, goals with numerical superiority, goals against or goal chances, are recorded instantly and transferred to a database. Both viewers and commentators, internet users or fans in the stadium have access to this information in the blink of an eye. Ranking lists are produced and updated in real time, at the touch of a button, for each match and team, or even for the entire championship. Tissot is a key contributor to ice hockey around the world without which this sport would not be the same. Tissot’s commitment to precision and reliability is second to none.

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